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Coffee House (Brushy Mtn Road)
(23 reviews)

Specialty: Breakfast & Brunch

419 Brushy Mountain Road
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

(336) 838-7373

Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: No

Open 24 hrs.
Price Range:

We accept:

Local chain restaurant of Holly Mountain Enterprises serving awesome home-cooked foods. Breakfast all day too with waffles, omelets, country ham, and tenderloin.

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This place still open. !!!!

Food was okay but the service was absolutely terrible. Waitresses were rude and obnoxious. I saw a waitress when i was eating there she never charged a man who came in and had a drink she said it was on the house but he left her a nice tip she put right in her pocket....We will never eat there again!

I ordered a BLT and asked for it on a bun instead of toast. I was charged .50 extra for a bun!! Almost $5 for a BLT that had very little bacon on it! I now go to Cook Out, BLTs .99 with three times the bacon!

It's a greasy spoon type place. Nothing special, but they will feed ya and fill ya. Kinda pricey though.

Filthiest place ever! Angel you must be a server. Mine was named Angel. After wiping the both seats with a wet rag she then wiped the table top then wiped her face with it.


I don't like to eat there because the food is to greasy. I don't feel like it is a clean place. This is just my idea. Everyone else might like it. Looks like they stay busy.

the last time i ate there the food server kept mashing bumps on her face while she was serveing food it made me sick and i left

I love the food, but the service sucks. I've ate there three times. One waitress, Kathy, never returned to the table after taking the food order. The cook ran the food, and she screwed up my order. Second time we had a girl named Ashley, she never refilled my cup, I had to repeatedly go to the counter for a refill. Last time I went, we had a girl named christy, she was an excellent server!

I ate their with my family. Great food and service!

Ordered the special 8 oz rib eye, cole slaw potatoes and bread for $5.99. I asked the girl to hold the potatoes and bread, "that will be $9.99" she said. Whaaaaat? I just walked out. My wife says I should have just got everything and left what I did not want on the plate. These things drive me nuts.

Service ok. Pricy for what it is.

I work there and the service is horrible I cook and most of the times I run the food as well

sammie-sevenfold you said your husband makes kick*** omlets there i will gurantee that because they taste like **** that is the nasy food i ever tried to eat slop from a hog trough would taste better

Really nice person likeable and understandable

i dont know about first shift but second shift but third shift is so nasty the food is slop i wouldnt feed it to a dog because i would be locked up for cruelty to animals

Don't order take-out because all your food will be stuck to the paper wrapper these idiots lay on top of hot cheese! Each time I order it is screwed up and I don't get my hashbrowns. They always put those nasty grits in there and this time I even asked the lady at the register to make sure it was correct and she flat out lied to me and to boot they put a slice of cheese on the grits I didn't order and the whole slice was stuck to the paper. My cheesy eggs cheese was also stuck to the wrapper. I bet the wrapper would have tasted better than my food that I could eat. I have never had a good experience at this restaurant and have given them chance after chance and I will NEVER eat at another Coffee House again!

My husband makes some kick *** omlettes there :)


great place to eat . and you can get great severs, the cooks are great , and the waistress are great too

Food was good, service was good. Only problem was the two girls on duty was having a conversation about the other girls that worked there. Obviously they didn't like anyone else and we spent the entire time laughing at the soap opera that seemed to be going on!

I do not care for the place. The food was greasy, the waitress was sloooow, if you wanted a refill you had to go to the counter and ask...not to my liking!!

omg so slow

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