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Burger King
(9 reviews)

Specialty: Fast Food

245 Elkin Hwy 268
N Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: Yes

Not Entered
Price Range:
$0.99 - up

We accept:
American Express

The "King of Burgers" serves fast food and drink.

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yesterday my wife an I had cold hamberburgers. didn't have time to take them back, used drivethru.. hwy 268

They are really slow and don't act like the care about their customers

the maniger there has her kids running everywhere shes black ,its not a daycare lady tak ur kids home..the other manigers are nice and very helpful...

davnc, I don't know anyone who works at the 268 bk nor am I pissed at anyone other than having to watch out where i step to keep from tripping on toys. anyone who eats there knows what I am talking about. school has begun so it will be better now except for the weekends! the college bk is a great place to eat as far as i know. I have eat there several times and never had any problems. the review I wrote was on the 268 bk page!

The one by the collage is good but the other on 18 is a very disapointing result, the empoyes are always slow and not paying attention to the order's. Along that I went there and made a simple order even a monkey could do. 2 Woppers,2 chicken wraps, waited 15 mins cause of only 1 cashier who kept flirting with boys at the window then finally when I got my order 6 more poeple that where at the table waiting to get there but when I looked at my order I only had 2 bugers not even done right. Raise holy **** about this. Will not ever be back to the one on 18 until these clean up this act. Ps need to hire better help cause that cashie played stupid on trying to swipe 3 more bucks off me and could not count worth a ****.

I like their burgers.

GMAO7 must be pissed at someone i go to the one at the college never seen kids in there nor have i seen toys on the floor before giving a review on something get it right ok. You are full of ****.

the food is better over on elkin hwy than the slop they have on colledgent drive

everytime we go in to eat and school is out, they have several small kids there, the kids are 10 and under and belong to the employees. they have toys all on the floor and are going behind the counter to the food prep areas. also the employees are always giving food away to thier families and friends who stay in the dining room for long periods of time. other than all those problems the food is decent when you finally get it, after all this is suppose to be a fast food restaurant isn't it?

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