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Specialty: Fast Food

3009 N. NC Hwy 16
Millers Creek, NC 28651

(336) 838-4203


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American Express

Fast food restaurant selling delicious chicken & biscuits.

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The food is old and stale but worse than that, the customer service is the worst, ever. The manager is rude and while some of the counter staff try to be nice, when you work for management that is slipshod and rude to customers you're in a losing battle. I feel sorry for the employees there, they need NEW MANAGEMENT.

NOTICE-THIS BOJANGLES IS A FRANCHISE BoJ store and not owned by BoJ. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. I ordered at the US 421 in Wilkesboro and got a coupon. I went to the Millers Creek they refused coupon. The manager came out and started talking to me like I was trying to pull a scam in front of everyone including my co-workers there who were US Gov't. professionals from Washington, DC. We were all decent enough to buy what we got but will never go there again. Food wasn’t as good as a company owned BoJ store either (like Wilkesboro or N.Wilkesboro which are SUPER GREAT and company owned) If you go to BoJ - make sure it's a COMPANY OWNED store and not a franchise like the one in MILLERS CREEK NC

Please do something about the people who hang out around there ,we do not feel comfortable coming in and have to go through the drive thru.

jay7777 maybe you need to take a look at the health grade again its no where near a 93 maybe you need you eyes check

maryjoa! The only reason you post on here is because your mother worked there and stole deposits from them and refused to take a lie detector test and your dad works at the new Bojangles. People bash this company and other people here not knowing or caring who they are attacking. Millers Creek as a community has become infested with trash. I miss when Millers Creek and the rest of Wilkes County were actually respectable. We all have stories we could tell on other people or on restaurants, but let me ask you, when you point that finger at someone else how many people could point them right back at you or someone you love. Millers Creek Bojangles you have good food and managers who care. I appreciate you and hope that you continue to strive to be the Bojangles we know you to be.

I use to work there. This place does have bugs everywhere. there is a bug guy there twice every week, but it still doesn't help.

The foods like all other Bojangles but the **** that loiter there send me to drive thru only.

my experience everyday for 5 days in a row on my way to work in the mornings to the local chicken plant is two thumbs way up, and no bugs there. Just a liar maryjoa!!

This place sucks went there 3 mornings in a row and everytime my meat was burnt I couldn't give chew it.and if u complain about it they are just rude and trade u for another burnt biscuit

I don't know what is worse the cold food or the nasty scumbags that they let hangout in there. All the men that hang out in there make me uncomfortable. All this place has turned into is a place for Millers Creeks reject scum to socialize and run good honest patrons off to another place to eat.


I love the food,but that cockroach crawling out of the trash gave me the creeps.

Bojangle's in Millers Creek is great! I eat there atleast twice a week.

With that being said, I have NEVER seen any bugs including roaches!

All Bojangles are not the same, maybe you should look at the health grade before you comment.
Wilkesboro has a 99 where Millers creek is 93 , should that be telling you something.

If you mean the roachescrawling up the wall in the dining room ,yes that is true and I wasn`t the only one to see them, thank you.

I could are less but that comment from maryjoa about bugs is clearly some kind of retaliation comment. She's substantiated it with no information. What bug? The one on the sidewalk three feet from the door? The one you imagined? The one in your handbag? Comments like that invite bad karma to visit on you maryjoa. Just saying.
That said, BoJangles food is usually the same no matter where you go - so you can know what to expect any time, any place. And if you like fast food, give it a try!

Thumbs down as retribution for Maryjo's poor customer experience. Thank you for your honest opinion, maryjoa; your comment will not go unheard.


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