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Big Tom's
(23 reviews)

Specialty: American, Bar & Grill, Breakfast & Brunch, Hot Wings, Pizza, Sandwiches & Subs, Vegetarian

600 Main Street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

(336) 667-0770


Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: Yes

Tues & Wed 11am - 9pm
Thur & Fri 11am - 10pm
Saturday 4pm - 10pm

Price Range:
Not Entered

We serve:

We accept:
American Express

Restaurant specializing in wings and specialty pizza's.
Fresh Ground Sirloin Burgers
Homemade Spaghetti
Triple decker Club (Turkey Ham & Bacon)
Homemade Potato Salad
Homemade Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese and pecan icing

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Great Food Except the Pizza, I Have been to 3 Pizza places and it seems as Though The ONLY Crust people around here Know how to make is SUPER thin Cracker type of Crust. The Burgers and Fires and Other things Are GOOD Though. I Only wish they had more of a Beer Selection..

I really love the Buffalo Chips and the pizza and wings are great! They now have buffet on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm not sure if they have it other nights, but those nights they do have it. The buffet is great, my only issue is they don't keep it full. The times I have had the buffet they have run out of salad, wings and pizza all at the same time and there was at least a 10 minute wait to get any more. By the time more was brought out so many people were waiting they ran out again. I hope the buffet is something they keep, but they definitely need to work on keeping it stocked with food. All in all though, Big Tom's is one of my favorite places to have pizza and wings.

Wasn't impressed

Awesome wings!! Clean, nice people, good service! Will go again soon.

We ate there last night and the HB steak with buffalo chips are great!! HB is so tender you dont need knife to cut. Boneless wings best i found in this town!! Good pizza!! Well everything i have had has been delisious!!! We will definetly b going back!!!!

Eat there on a regular basis and the food and the service are right on! You can't beat the prices anywhere in town and the pizza and wings are top notch. Don't change a thing, keep the specials Roger and get back a Budlight special or something better that PBR!!

I live up the street and eat out there regular, I have had just about every thing they make, love everything about them, if something is not right, they don't hesitate in making me come back again and again! There are several places to eat, down town, but i only order from Tom's, the price is afforable aswel.

Their chicken is wonderful! Better than anywhere else that I have tried locally.

Ate here for the first time this past weekend and was so glad i did! Excellent club sandwich, friendly staff, my husband and i had a great time!

We used to order pizza and wings from here often...almost every weekend, but either they hired new, unexperienced cooks or they stopped caring about the food they send out. The pizza dough isn't buttery/garlic like it was and overall the sauce isnt' as good. Don't even get me started on the wings. WHEN they can get the right sauce on them (which the last 3 times we ordered wasn't right) they hardly put any on the wings anymore. I understand they are charing for dressings also, which I can see with the economy, but IMO if they would start catering a little more to their customers by caring about the food they send out of the kitchen, then business would increase and they wouldnt' have to charge for a tiny serving of ranch!

First, we walk in and the atmosphere of the place is like......well....a school cafeteria. Then, there were two televisions going, both with sound audible, both on different stations. What the? The salad bar was not bad, but honestly, it was not fresh, either. I had two items from the salad bar that were, shall we say, a bit past their prime. Then the pizza! The dough was again...not bad, but extremely bland and I actually believe it was some kind of "pre-made" frozen dough, as was the sauce. My husband and I argued over whether the sauce was from a can or whether the pizza tasted like a frozen pizza from the grocery store. Only thing about grocery store pizzas are that most of them are better than this one. Certainly more tasty. It was overwhelmingly bland... which may have been the best part, nothing was really good. Oh, and the pizza came out about 7 minutes after we ordered...Um....now, how did that happen?

They have good wings if you can get them to put the sauce on them. They barely have anything on them so they are dry if you order them to go. I've ask them twice to make sure there is enough sauce. But no change. Also they act like the ranch sauce is made of gold. They don't like it if you ask for more. Haven't been back in a while. Don't like having to plead for what I want.

Every time we call to place a to go order we are told that they are closing early or they have changed their hours. We called tonight and we were told they now close at 8pm and we had to be there by 8 to get our food. It was 7:52 and we wanted wings....How are they going to cook wings in 8 minutes? Why even answer the phone if you are going to discourage customers from ordering? In this economy it looks like businesses would be glad to receive business instead of more or less turning it away. We don't always have time to eat as early as we would like due to kids sports etc.. This listing shows they're open until 9pm. We will not be calling back. 2 out of the 3 times we have tried to eat at this place our business has been turned down.

went there and waited what seemed forever. Got drinks, never got to the ordering part. Need better service. The place didn't seem that busy.

Ate there over the weekend and the wings were not as good as usual. The wings were not crispy as they have been in the past.

Food was great (extra hot wings & burger) $15.95 for 25 but they are the BIG ones. The service leaves a little to be desired But other than that it was a great eating experience.

2/28/10 We went and we all had wings and my daughter had a Clubhouse Sandwhich and all was very good and will definately go back to try the pizza! The only downside was the salad bar and you get a little bitty salad bowl!!

Food was great and priced within reason. Will be back soon!

Good food, good prices. Salad bar lacks. Service-not so great. Fried cheese was great!

Really enjoyed the food. The service was pretty terrible. Took almost an hour to get 25 wings and they weren't even busy. Waitress was not friendly at all. But, as for the wings, they were excellent.

Everyrhing I have had there was very good. Above average ingredients and prepared well. Service sometimes a little slow.

I miss Amanda she was and always will be the best waitress in the world. I love the food it is awsome. But only when Jeremy makes the pizza, that man has magic fingers. Where oh where has my sweet Amanda gone I would like to find her.

Note from GoWilkes- a portion of this review was removed for personal attacks.

My family and I love big toms pizza and wings. We eat there at least once a week service is great

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