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Amalfis Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
(41 reviews)

Specialty: Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches & Subs

1919-G US Hwy 421
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

(336) 838-3188


Menu Online: View
Kids Menu Available: No

Mon - Thur: 11am - 9:15pm
Fri & Sat: 11am - 9:45pm
Sun: Closed
Price Range:
$5.95 - $15.95

We serve:

We accept:
American Express

Since 2002, Amalfi's Restaurant & Pizzeria bring to Wilkes County a traditional flavor of mediterranean cuisine, using the finest and freshest products, like seafood, vegetable, poultry, and meats. We welcome you in a real Italian atmosphere. Buon Appetito!

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NOT GOOD! I ate at amalfis in wilkesboro and the food was not bad. When the check came I used my card to pay. I was given only one copy of the bill to sign and fill in the tip amount. I thought that was strange. I left more than 20 percent tip and wrote it clear. Later in the day I checked my charges on line and saw two charges. The first was the bill and the second was the tip. The tip amount was almost 30 percent! That is stealing! How many people has this been done to? CHECK YOUR CARD CHARGES! I wont eat there again.

We ate at Amalfis this evening and had Maria as our waitress. Normally the food and service at Amalfis is great, but this is the second time Maria has waited on us and both times the service was terrible! The service tonight was very slow and our food took over 40 minutes to get to us. My husband had a steak and cheese and they burned it, badly. We tried to tell the waitress about how bad it was but she did not care. We had also asked for extra napkins which we did not receive. When we were leaving, I wanted a box for my meal and some extra sauce to go, but she did not bring me the sauce to go, and then disappeared. I had to ask someone else to get it. We will probably never eat at Amalfis again because of this experience. There are plenty of other places to eat in Wilkesboro and we will not take our business here anymore.

One of 3 favorite local restaurants. Consistently good and fair priced. We eat here often.

Have eaten there many times and was good but went with three family members from out of town to celebrate an 11 year old's birthday yesterday. I wanted to treat her to something special besides fast food. Before any of us had taken a bite, the 11 year old said there's a hair in my pizza. I showed it to the waitress and she took that slice. We didn't have time to wait for another one so we ate some of it. Waitress gave us a slice of cheesecake. Paid full price and cashier was not friendly about it at all. I didn't want to make a scene in front of family, but do wish we'd walked out and taken them somewhere else. Needless to say, won't be going back.

8/14 This was a to go order. I use to love Amalfi's but the last 2 times we went the quality has went downhill. I ordered meatballs on an entree because I love their meatballs but not after this trip. They were frozen meatballs like you can buy at the grocery store in the freezer section. They were not the homemade ones they use to serve. My salad was 4 bites maximum. It was an absolutely ridiculously small salad. The small container it came in was only half full. If you have too much dressing leftover in one of those small portion cups then that is a small salad. The meatballs alone was absolutely disgusting. I hate that they have sacrificed quality to make an extra buck for some reason. I will not be going back. I have also noticed my total being different amounts for the same meal based on which person rings me up. This has happened several times.

What's not to like! Everything I've had is great! The owners go out of their way for customer satisfaction and they are truly in touch with what hospitality and good food is! I drive a tour bus all over the Americas and I enjoy going there when I get home. I'm a big man, I'm totally full every time I leave. Plus, it's also where my wife tells me to go! Lol!

We eat there quite often and have never had a bad experience. I don't know why so many have said their visit was not good. Maybe their expectations are higher than ours. We have tried most of the pasta dishes, pizzas, strombolis and subs. My personal favorite is the 'chicken steak special' sub. Five stars from me and mine.

This is the last time I will go to Amalfi's I ordered the wings and I got plain old wings deep fried, no sauce on them at all. They sucked. The rolls were doughie in the middle and the salad was a freaking joke. It was a handful of green lettuce 1 piece of onion and a tomatoe the size of a quarter. The ranch dressing was as runny as milk. I wont go back!!!!!

In short, I will not be going there again. I hope some of you don't run into problems with the management at Amalfi's since they "have you on camera" and will openly tell their customers they're simply wrong and incompetent, regardless of how long you've been a customer there.

I had their Amalfi's specialty pizza and that is what we order every time now. I tried to eat take out pizza after that, and couldn't. This is an amazing place!

Great food, great service. A favorite place for a special dinner.

Good service with a good price. Food also very tasty!

Limited amount of space but great food and reasonable prices.

One of my favorite places to eat in this county.

I ordered the meatball and spaghetti. It was awesome. Tasted better cold lol and I also ordered garlic bread. Everything was great for a reasonable price and portions :)

My husband and I went here and the food was cold and the service was below accectable standards. We had to flag down our waiter for drink refills and that was omly if he remembered. At one point we had to get 3 people just for a refill on water.

The food was good but when I went to pay for it The guy making the food reached to take my money with dough all over his hands and then went back to making whatever without washing his hands. That was gross but its been a while. I haven't been back but I hope things are better now.

It's all good, the Alfredo, Pizza and my personal favorite the Philly Cheese Steak.

Every time I go there to give it another chance they screw up.... must be y I've only. 2times first sucky waitress and hard bread second time I had 3 hairs in my food

Great food and great atmosphere. Love to eat there with friends.

I'm sorry, guys... there is no way I could ever give Amalfi's pizza a good review. I haven't visited the BEST restaurants on earth, but I can safely say that there are much better places to eat in Wilkes County. If there was a thumbs up for price, though, I would give it that. But that's it.

Great place to eat. Excellent food. Cheesesteak sandwhich is awesome.

I have always had excellent food and service at Amalfis. I especially love the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Thumbs up on this one.

Service and food have always been excellent. One of my favorite lunch spots.

If decor and ambiance is your thing- this is not your place. If good authentic Italian food is what you are looking for, come on in! The alfredo was perfectly balanced, and the bread was warm and fresh. Pizza to go is always perfect, with enough garlic to know it is really Italian. Personable staff, very competent chef combined with wonderfully friendly owners make for one of the best in Wilkesboro. Where is the coffee service? Shame on the owners for not offering expresso and limoncello.

Love the vodka sause!!!

good place to eat , dress how u want, and can take kids.

The absolute best grilled chicken salad to be had anywhere......as well as the Philly cheesesteak. Highly recommended!!

nasty...bad waitresses to!

Sounds like somebody got fired! LOL Amalfi's is one of the best restaurants in the county.

Awsome Place!!!! I have yet to have anything in here i didnt truly enjoy. I try something diffrent every visit and just when I think I have found my fav. dish I find another equally as good. Hats off to the chef.

this is my most fav. place to eat they have great food

Awesome place to eat, everything from salads, subs and plates are outstanding! The owners are terrific. All around great place to eat.

Good food! Wish they offered decaf coffee and whole wheat bread!! These two simple changes would really pay off for them.

The food is good, but I had a horrible waitress!!!!


Love the food!!! Great Customer Service Thanks Tosha!!!

So I eat at Amalfis ALL THE TIME, we eat there once a week, most of the time more than that. I must brag about all the waitors and waitresses there, but there is one we request.That is TOSHA, she is an AMAZING, waitress. She is always sweet, and she is very, very good at what she does. I must say she is great.

Just wanna say that when we went the other day Tasha was the best waitress I have EVER had. She was friendly and just very nice 2 have around. Next time we go Ill be requesting her.

My favorite restaurant in Wilkes County. Great Italian food! Love the ravioli with meat and their chewy Italian bread with olive oil to dip it in! :)

I love everything that i have had from Amalfis, but i wish that they would make a drive through window like Koto's. I would go to Amalfis proabably at least twice a week instead of once a month, especially when I am wanting a cheaper meal like their pizza. I just hate to have to go in and wait in line to check out with my kids or on lunch break!!!

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