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Texas pete chili


Posted 4:57 pm, 07/14/2015

It was my favorite


Posted 1:38 pm, 07/14/2015

To me it was the worst slop ever to come out of a can. I must be right if they have stopped making it.


Posted 1:27 pm, 07/14/2015

i bet by mid aug early sept texas pete chilli will be back on shelves... its all a marketing ploy


Posted 12:25 pm, 07/14/2015

Homemade is the best.... all you need is ground beef, garlic, onion flacks, salt, pepper, tomato past or sauce, and sugar, ketchup and mustard if you like.


Posted 12:08 pm, 07/14/2015

The texas pete goes into a family recipe for chili slaw. I don't care for it alone. Thanks for the suggestions!


Posted 9:12 am, 07/14/2015

when i make chili, i take a batch of it and blend it up real good, and freeze it in small potions...this is my hot dog chili


Posted 9:05 am, 07/14/2015

Aside from homemade, Foothills Meat Market in Jonesville has the best chili. It's in a plastic container and I don't think it really has a name brand. They bring it on Wednesdays and it's usually gone by Friday's because evidently everybody else has figured out the schedule, lol.


Posted 7:58 am, 07/14/2015

I'm chilli


Posted 6:02 am, 07/14/2015

If yall order the soy grits are you going to.make some goodwills too? Might be tasty with.chilli on it ;)


Posted 10:29 pm, 07/13/2015

The other one, beef chili, done up in a package like sausage, I believe is Armor. It's on the top shelf above Frank's.


Posted 10:22 pm, 07/13/2015

I might try that chili.Thanks for the tip.


Posted 10:09 pm, 07/13/2015

LOL, I nuke it in a bowl so I don't think an iron skillet would work in the microwave. I'm not a big eater of chili by itself, just on hot dogs.


Posted 10:06 pm, 07/13/2015

Can you fry it in a cast iron pan and eat it or is it more like Texas Pete hot sauce?


Posted 10:06 pm, 07/13/2015



Posted 10:05 pm, 07/13/2015

Can you put the Kobotas on a hot dog?

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 10:04 pm, 07/13/2015

I thought Corriher sold Kubotas


Posted 10:00 pm, 07/13/2015

Just looked. It says Frank Corriher, Landis, NC


Posted 9:59 pm, 07/13/2015

Dang. I don't know. Let me go look on the container. BRB Why do you have to be so technical?


Posted 9:57 pm, 07/13/2015

Is it made down 601 in China Grove?


Posted 9:54 pm, 07/13/2015

Yes, at the Wilkes WalMart...I bought some yesterday. Quit doubting an expert on chili!

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