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Hester's slaw


Posted 7:57 pm, 03/14/2015

Here the knock see blue smoke you just PASSED a power stroke


Posted 8:27 pm, 05/13/2014

Hesters footlongs ruled

Daddy P

Posted 6:44 pm, 05/13/2014

I loved Hester's. There was a brother and sister who worked there. The brother could remember an order no matter how complicated it was. He would not write it down and got it right every time. The place did seem a little dirty though. The one time we went in instead of sitting in car. a girl who had braces was at the sink which was in the kitchen, flossing and brushing her braces. I couldn't eat my food that day and never went it again...out of sight out of mind...I sat in the car and ordered from then on. lol The hot dogs were worth going back for.


Posted 1:12 pm, 05/13/2014

Crypt (view profile)

Posted 10:21 pm, 05/12/2014

So the slaw had mustard and sugar, no vinegar, chopped up fine with Duke's mayonaise and aged for at least a day and the buns were toasted and the chili made in house.

Thanks for the recap!

done it all

Posted 8:07 am, 05/13/2014

421 Introduced in 1961 as a dealer-installed Super Duty option that had dual four-barrels, the 389 was bored to 4 332 in (104 mm) and stroked to 4.000 in (101.6 mm) (420.42 cuin), and also featured larger, 3.25 in (83 mm) main journals. Unlike previous enlargements of this engine, it did not replace the 389. The 421 SD became factory installed in 1962 and in 1963 a street version became available from the factory with a four-barrel or tri-power carburetion. The Super Duty versions of this engine were extensively used in NASCAR stock car racing and drag racing competition. The 421 also marked the end of the option for a forged-steel crankshaft. The Armasteel cast crankshaft was the standard crankshaft of the entire Pontiac V-8 line until 1967. While "Armasteel" was no more than a fancy name for a hardened cast-iron unit, it did refer to the "locking ball" as opposed to the "flaking" type cast-iron found in other engines. In 1967, Pontiac out of concerns the public misunderstood the engineering terms, went to a Nodular cast-iron name crankshaft, which they used until 1975.


Posted 12:35 am, 05/13/2014

Well cars ain't my "thang", but neither was Hester's slaw or anything else from there...that place was just plain nasty.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 12:22 am, 05/13/2014


C'mon. Don't tease a car-lovin' girl...


Posted 11:14 pm, 05/12/2014

The factory 421 Tri-power super duty, aka. three deuces ghost.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 10:44 pm, 05/12/2014

So, it was a 389 V8?

What did you drive?


Posted 10:35 pm, 05/12/2014

But there's no such thing Glitter.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 10:28 pm, 05/12/2014

....and it must be eaten in a car with a 421 and three deuces.


Posted 10:21 pm, 05/12/2014

So the slaw had mustard and sugar, no vinegar, chopped up fine with Duke's mayonaise and aged for at least a day and the buns were toasted and the chili made in house.


Posted 9:01 pm, 05/12/2014

426 hemi. 409 and 427 Chevy. 427 428 and 429 ford. These were big blocks.Firebird HO 455.


Posted 8:56 pm, 05/12/2014

Bluebird knows his cars.


Posted 8:54 pm, 05/12/2014

Pontiac had the 421 ci.


Posted 8:47 pm, 05/12/2014

Yes 421 with three deuces. Every trooper in wilkes pulled me over to see the engine.

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 8:43 pm, 05/12/2014


~glitter and glamour~

Posted 8:42 pm, 05/12/2014

3 deuces?

Three, two-barrel carburetors?


Posted 8:36 pm, 05/12/2014

There was never a 421ci engine,,, I think you better upgrade your memory,,lmao

Crypt (view profile)

Posted 8:31 pm, 05/12/2014

My car was older than Heartfelts. Had a 421 3 deuce motor.


Posted 8:36 pm, 05/12/2014

It got around 8 miles to the gallon.

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