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cast iron


Posted 1:39 pm, 09/08/2012

Seems like common sense not to do the following, but I don't know how many people I have heard telling how they ruined their cast iron by filling it with water and letting it set over night or, even worse, putting it in the dish washer.


Posted 1:31 pm, 09/08/2012

Thanks for the info on seasoning. I only use mine for meatloaf and cornbread and both can be hard to clean out.


Posted 4:01 pm, 08/12/2012

Sorry to all repliants - I missed this as it had been moved. I was interested in what special things you had to do to the green frypan that Sleepie mentioned, as that's what I was thinking of getting to make omelets in, but he/she said you had to do things to it to make it work right.
In the smallest circulon, I can kind of get it to flip to set the wet side, but if I use the next size up, if I've already added the veggies, it breaks in half every time. I think I need a bigger spatula :P

Maybe I'll break out my smallest cast iron one, and get it seasoned, and try using that for the individual omelets.


Posted 5:57 pm, 07/27/2012

I use my cast iron skillets for corn bread and they also work great to bake pineapple upside-down cake in. Afterwards, I wash them with warm water, dry it well, and rub a little canola oil with a paper towel all over the inside surface to store.


Posted 10:48 am, 07/25/2012

Yes! Cast Iron makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches!


Posted 1:51 pm, 07/19/2012

1goddessPosted 12:54 pm, 07/19/2012
more than anything Z...it's got to be seasoned...even if you purchase a new cast iron skillet. It must be seasoned each time you use it.
She answered it, it has to be seasoned and you have to keep it clean. If something sticks in it, you have to -clean it and re-season it. Once every couple of weeks you need to re-season it. I am talking about those New Green Ceramic pans for $20 bucks. It's got that non-stick coating made from ceramic but it plainly tells it must be kept clean and seasoned to actually remain non-stick.

Cast Iron is the same but Cast Iron does not like water so it must be kept dry. When you wash it, I stick mine into the oven for a few minutes with a very light coat of oil. But, what I do is wash, then heat it in the oven for about 10 minutes to make sure it get's dry. Then I coat it with cooking oil very lightly, paint brush works wonders. Be careful because you can burn your hands if you've not done this often.

Actually, old fashion lard is the best to season with but you only need a light coating after each wash and dry. Heat the pan with lard until it smokes and there you go it's seasoned!

The green pan works the same way....be careful and do not over coat it at one seasoning. Too much is as bad as not enough.

Nothing cooks like cast iron!

Try this make a dough like you would for biscuits place into a well seasoned Dutch oven, lining the pan as to make a crust. Then add hand picked black berries and sugar to taste! Add dough as dumplings and then cover with a thin crust. Bake until a nice brown crust is formed and EAT Carefully! Add cool whip to taste!

Ice Cream goes good too! This is best cooked over and open fire!

I use the fire pit for such occasions and serve coffee for my friends!

WKRP in Cleveland

Posted 1:43 pm, 07/19/2012

I always cook cornbread in a small cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother. I NEVER put soap in it. If there is residue, I let it soak overnight in water only and then the next morning wipe out anything that remains with a dish cloth.

Before each use, I melt a bit of Crisco in it, add the Crisco to the batter, and pour the batter in the pan.

sassy senior

Posted 1:25 pm, 07/19/2012

i use cast iron pots and pans. the new ones are already seasoned.


Posted 1:18 pm, 07/19/2012

I removed one post because it was a classified ad.


Posted 1:07 pm, 07/19/2012

I know folks love biscuits around here...and I really didn't have a hand in making biscuits myself till I met with grannyfelts and the mr. Man can he make a biscuit!!!

Anyway, I had always made my hoecake and cornbread in a cast iron skillet....so, since learning how to really make a biscuit...I have for a while now and will continue...made my biscuits...and put them into my cast iron skillet...now folks..believe it or not...it does make a difference...mmmm, mmmm goood!!!!


Posted 12:59 pm, 07/19/2012

Goddess is right on the mark. Season your pans and do not wash them. The heat kills the stuff you need to worry about. A good pan should do your egg and cheese thing and bacon and give you some toast.


Posted 12:55 pm, 07/19/2012

What problems do have with your omelet ?


Posted 12:54 pm, 07/19/2012

more than anything Z...it's got to be seasoned...even if you purchase a new cast iron skillet. It must be seasoned each time you use it.

I have one skillet, a # 5, that I use for omelets....

yeah, I know...I'm not Sleepie!


Posted 12:48 pm, 07/19/2012

Sleepie - what special directions do you have to follow? I was thinking of getting one to help me with my terrible omelet endeavors, but if I have to mess with it, I'll just stick to making sloppy ones in my Circulon.


Posted 12:14 pm, 07/19/2012

yes yes yes!!!!


Posted 12:11 pm, 07/19/2012

All the time, every day in fact I do not own anything else but one them green pans they came out with.

None stick thing and it works as long as you follow the directions. If you don't it sticks like any other pan.


Posted 12:09 pm, 07/19/2012

Cast Iron is great!


Posted 12:07 pm, 07/19/2012

Does any one out there cook with cast iron?

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