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Anyone recommend a quality food dehydrator that walmart stocks?


Posted 6:51 pm, 01/12/2015

One that says made in the USA on it.


Posted 6:22 pm, 01/12/2015

I did make some Jerky, I used a mix that was for ground beef. I didn't have a jerky gun so you imagine how annoying it was to the make stripes for the dehydrator. To top it all off the Jerky I made tasted good it was just too salty.

I've since made dehydrated apples and bananas, they were great! Took them with me to school to snack on.

Clean it up

Posted 6:21 pm, 01/12/2015

I love Walmart.... I really do. Lmbdao

sparkling water

Posted 6:15 pm, 01/12/2015

Walmart ?

Bubonic plague
Festering rot
Sulfurous emanations


Posted 5:53 pm, 01/12/2015

Zombie, did you get your jerky made?


Posted 5:42 pm, 01/12/2015

Now if Zombie is gonna have a lot of beef or deer jerky maybe he's fine young man after all. Heck I don't see any reason we couldn't be friends.


Posted 5:32 pm, 01/12/2015

I would recommend getting one from online. I cook my jerky in an Excaliber 2900ECB Dehydrator. It works great for drying all types of foods. Here is a [URL="http://myfivekids.hubpages....dehydrator"]review[/URL] on some dehydrators, including the one I use.


Posted 9:34 pm, 01/09/2015

Church's hardware has one, the spices, and the caulking gun as well. I use the commercial spices they contain, salt, whatever seasonings, salt is the key to make it cure. I usually make 8lbs at a time, but i have an industrial one from bass pro and the large caulking gun.


Posted 6:35 pm, 01/09/2015

I'd look online at forums where guys might discuss making jerky (maybe some hunting or even bbq/smoking sites) and see what they have to say. I'm sure there are some sites dedicated to this kind of specialty.


Posted 6:30 pm, 01/09/2015

Thanks bilmey, I was hoping to have one tomorrow.


Posted 6:29 pm, 01/09/2015

Fins (view profile)

Posted 6:20 pm, 01/09/2015

Quality and Walmart? Good luck.
Do you have to have it right now or can you wait a few days for a good one to be delivered?

I was gonna purchase one tomorrow and make some over the weekend (while i have time)


Posted 6:27 pm, 01/09/2015

Nesco FD-75PR Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

You can get it on Amazon....not sure about Wal-Mart.


Posted 6:21 pm, 01/09/2015

I have a friend that said he built one. Look on Youtube. He makes deer jerky and it's good. It's probably a lot of work though. You maybe right by just buying one.


Posted 6:20 pm, 01/09/2015

Quality and Walmart? Good luck.

Do you have to have it right now or can you wait a few days for a good one to be delivered?


Posted 6:17 pm, 01/09/2015

Nahh, Just got home


Posted 6:11 pm, 01/09/2015

have you read any reviews?


Posted 6:05 pm, 01/09/2015

Do they come with the syringe thingy to make jerky from ground beef?

Also what spices? Is all you need is liquid smoke, pepper, salt?

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