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How to cook frozen corn
Do not boil or steam your corn! This easy recipe will make your frozen corn taste like it's right off the cob

Sushi Rice
Sushi rice

Looking for a fudge recipe you don't have to boil.

Fried Cabbage
A little spicey but soft and chew, lot of flavor from all the combinations together that make it for holiday food, any simple meal and is a law car...

Thai Peanut Sauce
I enjoy this sauce to accompany so many foods. I first used it for satay, but found myself topping my stir fry with it. Using it on Udon or Soba no...

Chicken Satay
Meat on a stick!! Appetizer or finger food. It's great!

Chocolate Gravy
Great over biscuits.

Elote Salad (Mexican street corn salad)
This is a fabulous summer salad you must try. Refreshing and sinfully tasty.

Roasted Parmesan Asparagus with Balsamic Glaze
Wonderful side dish with a touch of class

So good for you and your family with a cake of good ole cornbread on a cold winter day.. Easy to make.

Tortilla Pizza
Super fast, use any ingredients . Great for a family night the kids can help. Super simple, and not leaving you with that stuffed feeling. This piz...

BBQ Chicken stuffed baked potato
Quick easy kid friendly meal

Trail Mix
Heart healthy snack. 139 calories per 1/4 cup.

Quick & Easy Potato Salad
Quick, cheap, and easy for when you want potato salad, but not all of the work

Must-Go Potatoes
Called "Must Go" because everything that's in the fridge that "must go" goes in them! LOL

Something everyone in the South should know how to do!

Corn Nuggets
This is how we do it in the South; take a perfectly good vegetable, then fry it up! LOL

quick coleslaw

coldslaw side dish
Qick coleslaw

Steak Marinade
Peppery! This should cover about 2 pounds of steak.

Pickled Pigs Feet
Pig feet pickled in vinegar with spices

Fish Tacos
Delicious and easy to make .Just add what you like.

Cornbread Salad
This is my recipe for Cornbread Salad. M_M_M! I never bring any home from a church dinner.

Habanero Potatoe Cakes
Eat and enjoy! "Might need milk for the burn"

North Wilkesboro Downtown Social District
Downtown Social District is a designated area where you can purchase alcoholic drinks and enjoy them while strolling & shopping in Downtown N. Wilkesboro! Be sure to tell them you saw it on GoWilkes!
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