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Fried Cabbage

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Fried Cabbage
Fried Cabbage

A little spicey but soft and chew, lot of flavor from all the combinations together that make it for holiday food, any simple meal and is a law carb and calorie to be served with a meal.Anyone that is allergic to this items please remove them as it won't ruin if you wanna find substitute.

sweet Red Bell pepper
Green bell pepper
Chicken broth
Olive or cooking oil
Louisiana seasoning or seasoning salt

First the bacon needs to be decide up that normally I cut a pack of bacon in half pair of cooking scissors and pack at the edge and just clip away of the edge of bacon until everything is in a bowl. You will need a deep pot for however much you want too make from small too family size. In the pot you place a little oil. Dice up both your onio, peppers, and mince the garlic. You may use whatever onion is available to you. After dicing them and the pot is harm and hot throw diced bacon in and stir it while placing all the peppers and onion in while letting them cook slowly that you'll add the minced garlic when they have cooked half way.Make sure sure the cooking process that you have your cabbage the way you cut and like it is on stand by. Also I suggest you wash it cause any vegi has not been left with the spray and poisons that keep bug off. Now once everything pot his cook just throw your cabbage a little at a time or can put the whole thing in but it's going to shirk during the same and as it does you take the chicken broth and put about 1 cup for every half of the pot so that it cooks through.You can make it a little soupy if desired.After you can place the seasoning of what you like weather it be spicey that I sometimes use seasoned salt on stand by and let it cook.

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