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Username : NChillBilly11175

Gender : male

Birthday : January 11, 1975

Description :

I'm a laid back easy going guy and have a good sense of humor, maybe not always appropriate but I think I could keep you laughing. And why wouldn't I try and do that? I am a sucker for a pretty smile so of course I'll try and keep a smile on your face lol. I'm not a player and not looking for one night stands but I'm not looking to rush to the alter either. If there is one thing that my dating experiences has taught me it's just to go with the flow and take things one step at a time with no pressure and I'd like to find a good woman that has a similar view there. I am honest and am an open book, maybe some times to much so for my own good but that's just the way the Good Lord made me to be and one thing that never works for me is to have someone try and change me into someone I'm not and have no desire to be.

I'd like to meet a good woman with a good heart first and foremost. I like a woman who isn't afraid to tell it like she sees it. I like a woman who can put her hair up and be lady like with the best of them yet let her hair down and have a little fun too. I don't care about the "perfect figure" because we can all lose or gain weight but a pretty smile and sexy eyes are what matters more to me. I like a woman who doesn't try to be anyone but herself because sooner or later when you try to be something you are not the truth comes out and it's better to have it come out sooner than later. I also like a woman who can keep an intelligent conversation.

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