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54 Year Old Man looking for a Woman, age 18 - 35

Description : I lived in Eastern Europe for 19 years. I worked under contract as an analyst to various govt. institutions. I speak Russian. Just moved to the area. I am on Pond Mountain. I have 3 home based businesses and my income is between 400-600k per year. I am looking for 2 partners and lovers. I want to start a 4th business, so I need help. Biz 1- Bought my home for 100k less than county assessment value. Will renovate and resell. about 150k profit. Biz 2- I have a license to grow hemp for CBD. Will make 180-220k per year. Biz 3- Day trader. If you like, you can live here, There is a lot of rooms, 2800 sq.ft. The markets are easy now. I earn when it goes up or down. Potential Biz 4- There are 2.5 billion people in quarantine. Domestic violence and child abuse are elevated. Let's stop some of that and make money. People locked in the house are doing what? They do not want to see any more corona virus news. With 2.5 billion locked in the house, I bet a lot of porn is being watched. So, I need 2 attractive bi sexual women. This is a personal and business relationship. It will be legally drawn up with contracts. Open to any new home biz ideas you might have. Each girl/woman should earn 100-150k per year. Why the **** do people need college degrees. Fact- 80% of all self made millionaires do not have a college degree. They had a brain to star with. Now, do you have one? Need to be ambitious, hard working, although I will do most of the hard work.:) My photo is up. It was taken last summer, in Ukraine. I need yours and any intelligent words you have to say. Yes, I am loaded with money. My home is the largest on Pond Mountain. When you finish your contract time with me, you should have more than enough money to do the same on your own. If not, I will finance you, if you are good at the business. This is your once in a lifetime opportunity. Be innovative, motivated, intelligent and very uninhibited.

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General Information

Gender: Man
Age: 54
Zodiac/Horoscope Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Self employed
Physical Attributes: More than acceptable
City: Creston

Physical Attributes

I have blond hair.
I have brown eyes.
My height: Average.
My weight: Average.
I have athletic body.


Alcohol - Socially.
Smoking - Never.
If I were in high school today, I would be Jock.
The celebrity I most identify with is Rocky Balboa.
Am I adventurous? I live on the edge.
My race is White.
My religion is Christian (non-Catholic).
My religion importance is: Somewhat.


My education is: Masters Degree.
My annual income is Not Entered.
How important is my job? I love my job.

Marital Details

My marital status is: Divorced.
My child/children is/are: one and with her mother.

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