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Tiny houses


Posted 9:51 pm, 09/14/2015

The idea behind most tiny houses is that they are on a trailer frame so they don't need a permit to place it on property. I like this idea but without the castle theme


Posted 9:49 pm, 09/14/2015

Tiny homes are typically built on trailers so that they can be moved. They are basically better built RVs.


Posted 9:38 pm, 09/14/2015

An old junked cadillac would be cozy.


Posted 8:58 pm, 09/14/2015

I looked into this a couple of years ago when it first started being a fad. Like someone said, purchasing an RV is a lot less expensive and gives you a lot more bang for the buck. If you have your own property getting the Hook ups needed can be expensive with either but you'd save some on your property taxes with a More Mobile type home than a fixed location home. Someone who lived up near the dam has an Ideal RV home, it's very well kept and they've gone to the troubles of putting a roof over it but they can still move the RV with ease. It also had a deck best I recall. That's the way to go!


Posted 2:26 pm, 09/14/2015

960 isn't a tiny house. .those hipsters wth a square footage of 350 are just being ridiculous


Posted 1:51 pm, 09/14/2015

Growing up we lived in a tiny house and we were called poor. I guess we were ahead of the trend.


Posted 1:51 pm, 09/14/2015

Do us fat people need Fat Houses ?


Posted 1:41 pm, 09/14/2015

....My friend has no kids.....his "woman" has 1....which they both agree is "more" then enought.....LOL! ...He and she have said.....that they have no plans to ever have any more.....the square footage of their cabin is 960......with about 800 of it heated....


Posted 8:01 am, 09/14/2015

I like big rooms and tall ceilings. I would not do well in a tiny house. I like small spaces, but only if they are attached to large rooms with lots of light. I do not need many large rooms, But there are no large rooms in tiny houses. When I was in college I had a tiny room, but you cannot raise six kids in a tiny house. Get what you want.


Posted 8:00 am, 09/14/2015

There are a lot places, a lot more then folks really know about... in Wilke and Ash and the Boone Area....that are "off the grid".....so to speak.....you can cook...run lights, heat, hot water off gas.....they even make a gas powered fridge......solar is another option.....I have a friend who lives in a small cabin on 14 acres of land......he hauls his bottled gas in......he has a back up generator to run his power tools off of..... and in bad weather uses it some for the cabin..... He has gas lights, spring fed water.. gas hot water.....he all so is building his own version of a solar hot water system for hot water and heating which will cut his gas to all most nothing......he runs his washer on the generator, hand washes dishes......hangs his clothes out to dry.....all tho he said he was really thinking about getting a gas dryer for the winter months.....He heats with wood and can also cook on his buck wood stove.....dude is a frigging genius....and yes......he has a woman......as he calls her......"A real looker" she is.....


Posted 6:00 am, 09/14/2015

If it's not going to have a basement make sure the crawl space is at least 3 ft.

river otter

Posted 1:31 am, 09/14/2015

I do know of somebody that purchased a nice barn/shed looking outbuilding, had it delivered and set on blocks, connected it to the utilities of an existing house and made it into a nice tiny house.

river otter

Posted 1:16 am, 09/14/2015

You could get a nice 5th wheel, travel trailer, or motor home for less money and a lot less work. That being said if you are really handy you could build something a lot better than an rv from scratch. 99.9% of the people I know aren't that handy and they would be better off living in a good quality rv with connections to the utilities. Where a tiny house would be ideal is on property you own or are buying that is remote. If you can live without being connected to the electrical grid the rest is a walk in the park. Giving you electrical power from the grid is the leverage the government will use to force you into getting all sorts of permits and jumping thru all sorts of hoops.


Posted 11:22 pm, 09/13/2015

Is anyone in Wilkes County building the new Tiny Houses.? I think I could live in one

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