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resale value?

Firty Firty

Posted 6:39 am, 09/25/2016

You have to find the right person that is willing to spend the money. I see these prices on this website....NO one around here will come close to paying those prices.


Posted 9:11 pm, 09/24/2016


Posted 9:04 pm, 09/24/2016

Reclaimed lumber is all the rage right now, it should be worth decent money if it can be removed properly.

river otter

Posted 6:43 pm, 09/24/2016

Drywall over it.


Posted 6:01 pm, 09/24/2016

I think you should charge at least 25 cents per sq. ft.

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 5:39 pm, 09/24/2016

Greeter, it is not difficult to remove. It is blind nailed on the tongue side, and if it tears a little out, it would hide when reinstalled. Usually you can pry the board through the fastener if carefully done.


Posted 5:21 pm, 09/24/2016

Being that it will probably end up destroyed trying to remove it, you'll get very little money for it.


Posted 5:09 pm, 09/24/2016

umm!... you will need to sand it all down and stain it in a color i approve of.
the whole job must be finished including clean up in under 3 hours,or i'll sue you


Posted 5:06 pm, 09/24/2016

i'll give you $11.00 for it if you will deliver and reinstall it
think i'm nut's...wait for other offers


Posted 4:50 pm, 09/24/2016

I know a family member that would be interested in buying some from you if you decide to sell.


Posted 4:41 pm, 09/24/2016

Yes .


Posted 4:28 pm, 09/24/2016

Is there any value in 3/4" tongue-in-groove southern pine paneling? Just bought a new place and it's EVERYWHERE! I am planning on removing it and drywalling, but I hate to just throw it away. Any ideas?

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