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Scanner Codes


Posted 11:14 pm, 12/23/2007



Posted 10:04 pm, 12/23/2007

Look4fun the 800 Mhz frequency's the NCSHP VIPER system uses are reused all across the state. But this is a Motorola type II smart zone trunked system so the frequencies are assigned by talk groups instead channel's so you will need a trunk tracking scanner really be able keep up with traffic. The frequencies that are use at the Pores knob radio site are866.25000866.86250867.22500867.76250*868.75000* but its just random which chanel the controller assignsto a specific talk group. 868.7500 isthe primary control channel so all you will hear on it is control data.


Posted 9:14 pm, 12/23/2007

Well I need to know if anyone out there has found any of the new highway patrol freq's since they switched to 800 mghz? Newton is still the same but the cars and handhelds are now all 800's and I can't seem to find em for some reason or another. Any help appreciated.


Posted 7:12 pm, 12/23/2007



Posted 6:55 pm, 12/23/2007

30.8400 FEDERAL LICENSING INC35.7200 TYSON FOODS INC; TYSON foods47.6200 WILKES COUNTY EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY72.1400 Primex Wireless, Inc150.8750 WILKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE151.6850 TYSON FOODS INC151.9850 UNIVERSAL LICENSING SERVICE154.2800 Broadway Fire Department, Inc.154.2950 WILKES COUNTY154.3400 LITTLE BRUSHY MTN VFD154.4000 GOSHEN VFD; WILKESBORO, TOWN OF; Wilkes County EmergencyManagement154.5700 OLYMPIC MANUFACTURING; TYSON FOODS INC154.8300 LAO 813817A156.0300 Wilkesboro Police Department156.0975 NATIONAL LICENSE CORP.157.5750 FIT157.6500 Broadway Fire Department, Inc.157.6800 WILKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE158.8650 UNIVERSAL LICENSING SERVICE458.8750 NATIONAL LICENSE CORPORATION463.4000 STEAM SYSTEMS INC466.5125 BUSINESS RADIO LICENSING467.1000 WILKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE467.4250 NATIONAL LICENSE CORP.468.4000 CURRENT, RICHARD C469.0750 Business Radio Licensing469.9750 LAO #825105853.4875 L A O 524025860.7875 LAO


Posted 6:21 pm, 12/23/2007



Posted 5:48 pm, 12/23/2007

Fire...154.400 EMS...155.280 Sheriff...155.610 Wilkesboro Police...155.010 ...just a few i have remembered.


Posted 5:45 pm, 12/23/2007

Hi everyone! Does anyone have the scanner codes? Frequency numbers for scanners also for Wilkes County? Thankyou!!

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