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Posted 9:18 pm, 05/28/2016

We did have a great time fishing, I've never caught that many fish before. Can't wait for the big fish fry!! Seems Bee's always our entertainment Way to go Bee !


Posted 9:02 pm, 05/28/2016

We had a great day on the fishing dock. Just us and those pesky geese.Bee kept feeding em bread. I was tempted to throw her in but that would scare the fish away. We caught a plenty. We're saving them for a fish fry up on Whisper Creek.

Dueling Banjos

Posted 8:57 pm, 05/28/2016

Where yall at?

Good day on the lake. Now time to fry up some fish and kick back with a little music.

Parteeeeee time!



Posted 12:32 pm, 05/28/2016

High of 59' in Halifax, Nova Scotia tomorrow , think I'll ride up that way. Broom time, a couple of hours.

Dueling banjos

Posted 12:27 pm, 05/28/2016

I have a lot of REAL friends I spend time with. Why you think I taint on here all the time.

Time is wasting, fish are bitin' see you on the flip side.

Hope you have a goodurn. Keep the pot stirred.



Posted 10:50 am, 05/28/2016

It was fun last night , fun , food and drink. Eee are you inviting us all to the private dock ? It's nice outside right now , I want to get my fishing done before it get's hot.


Posted 10:20 am, 05/28/2016

on my second cup of java....caramel, tasty indeed.

Ya'll have a Super duper Saturday.!


Posted 9:34 am, 05/28/2016

Good Morning, I think a great ride was had by all , the food and Bee's wine lived up to our expectations . I'm going to be lazy today.


Posted 6:58 am, 05/28/2016

Good food and best friends.last night. Couldn't ask for anything better. Now. It's going to be a beautiful day. Think i'll go fishing. My friend has a been private covered dock. He's got a boat tied there. They're plenty of fish there. Might as well pack a few sammiches and some cold drinks and make a day of it.
Girls. Enjoy your day.


Posted 10:48 pm, 05/27/2016

Cake, wine, ice cream....daaayum what more can ya ask for!!!!


Posted 10:21 pm, 05/27/2016

Me too valleydoll , guess we could drop down and get a bite of that wonderful food.


Posted 9:24 pm, 05/27/2016

I'm loving being up here drifting on the sky breezes, couldn't ask for anything better .


Posted 9:12 pm, 05/27/2016

Cake!!!! I love cake.


Posted 9:10 pm, 05/27/2016

Looks like we're way ahead of everybody , lets have our cake and ice cream.


Posted 6:59 pm, 05/27/2016

Very glad you can make it goddess, it wouldn't be the same without you. I'm ready and waiting, don't you all forget your magic snowflakes and goose down.


Posted 4:37 pm, 05/27/2016

I have reached my destination...let's just say its wet!!! But I'll still be ready to ride:)😀


Posted 9:40 am, 05/27/2016

I wanted to wish everyone a happy morning, but it seems windows(crap)10 didn't want me to.


Posted 9:32 am, 05/27/2016

Good morning ! I feel rested and wild,let's get going!l


Posted 7:00 am, 05/27/2016

Goooood morning. It's Friday! Time to get up and get started. Pack you goodies and pop with foam on tha top cause we're going fishing. I got a buddy that lives on the dam and has his on fishing and boat dock. Then it'll be time to regroup for our RIDE. Going to be a great day.


Posted 10:19 pm, 05/26/2016

Everybody have a Greeeeaaaat night !

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