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Posted 7:52 am, 10/30/2014

Good morning. It's a little chilly this morning. Better grab a jacket. Have a blessed day.


Posted 9:11 pm, 10/29/2014

My hubby likes candy too, and we'll have our younguns and grand younguns , so it's not all for trick or treaters.
Tell Bee not too buy everything !!
Goodnight everybody.


Posted 9:00 pm, 10/29/2014

Kenc..I bought some Saturday. Hubby like candy. Grrrrrr. I may have to go buy some more in tomorrow. You peoples out there better run to Wal-Mart for Halloween candy. Bee is planing on buying a bunch for trunk or treet at Church Friday evening. Better run myself. Have a good night.


Posted 5:34 pm, 10/29/2014

Evening Kat, Eee and everybody, hope it's been a good day. I had to run out and buy Halloween candy before I forget.


Posted 5:30 pm, 10/29/2014

Kat...you are amazing. You work all the time. Still have a cheerful air about you. You enjoy your evening.

And good evening last to post.


Posted 4:12 pm, 10/29/2014

And another shift done. So glad its payday. Let's pay some bills


Posted 10:17 am, 10/29/2014

Good morning. Having a lazy day. Hope your day is easy. Blessings on all of you .


Posted 9:44 am, 10/29/2014

Morning, hope you're ok junebugg, and that everyone has a great day.


Posted 10:32 pm, 10/28/2014

Night folks, get up early in the morning, gonna be a great, fairly great, no super great day ! That's what I keep telling myself .


Posted 9:27 pm, 10/28/2014

Confuzzled and Eee you just made my day !! Be right there !


Posted 9:16 pm, 10/28/2014

I'll be right there with chocolate muffins frosted with vanilla icing. Yum.


Posted 9:07 pm, 10/28/2014

coffee on the porch it's decaf so come get some.


Posted 9:05 pm, 10/28/2014

Theg..I've seen women that would worry me if they made my worst enemy a sammich. Scary. Made my eyes burn to look at her. I know you would be pickier than just anyone making your sammich.


Posted 7:20 pm, 10/28/2014

I don't have a dress code. Wear what you want while making samich.


Posted 10:31 am, 10/28/2014

Eee...theg and a dress code!!! love it!!!


Posted 10:29 am, 10/28/2014

Now Theg. I've made you sammich before. Why I didn't think you like to ride brooms. Now that would be a site. You would be the envy of a lotto people. We have a very elite club. We're always looking for special ladies that wanna join. Theg...don't think you would fit the dress code. Lmao.


Posted 10:24 am, 10/28/2014

Right goddess!!! Course theg is being less than honest, as long as it's a sammich, he'll eat it.


Posted 10:16 am, 10/28/2014

Doooooon't do it Eee...just don't go there!!!!


Posted 10:11 am, 10/28/2014

EeeWee (view profile)
Posted 8:46 am, 10/28/2014
Good morning. Hope you have a really good day. You mean a lot to me.take care. Love you XXOO

It is a little early in this relationship for the xx and ooo s. I wanta see how you make a samich before I get that far into a comentment.


Posted 9:24 am, 10/28/2014

Morning Beeches and everybody, yes Beeches and brooms rule ! You all have a magic day!!

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