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Posted 10:48 pm, 12/03/2016

Hope you have a good night too kenc, I had to laugh at old buzzy varmint posting in such a hurry, it knows the world is passing it by.


Posted 10:41 pm, 12/03/2016

Hair, hair , hee haw !! Some old buzzy varmint wants attention .


Posted 10:33 pm, 12/03/2016

Can't wait for Bee's Christmas brew, she says it will be very special.

You girls have a good Saturday night.


Posted 9:06 pm, 12/03/2016

I make some great Home Brew, I'll make some for Friday nights Ride, you Gals will love it, it will peel the Chest Hair hair off all of your Ladies Chest.


Posted 8:19 pm, 12/03/2016

You're on the list goddess don't worry. This year's brews gonna be the best ever.


Posted 7:12 pm, 12/03/2016

Yo Bee...put me on your christmas list...I been good...and quart of brew sure would be good!


Posted 6:58 pm, 12/03/2016

I've decided to use my old artificial tree, at least I won't have to water it.

Been watching moonshiners , can't believe they add hot peppers to their brew, The brew I make don't need nothing stupid like that to make it taste good and strong.


Posted 6:20 pm, 12/03/2016

Thanks Gals, it was a great time, when im around I always liven up the gatherings. The tater Soup was a bit flat but im sure you gals like bland food.


Posted 4:44 pm, 12/03/2016

I been checking out christmas trees too....


Posted 12:16 pm, 12/03/2016

I'm just being lazy today, we did have a great time last night !


Posted 11:31 am, 12/03/2016

Been out looking for a Christmas tree, haven't looked everywhere, but too many seem to be way past their prime.

Glad you're feeling better kenc. We did have a great time last night !


Posted 9:43 am, 12/03/2016

You all still asleep ? The ride and goddesses' cough brew were perfect. Wow !


Posted 10:03 pm, 12/02/2016

That sounds interesting goddess --I'm willing to try anything .


Posted 9:57 pm, 12/02/2016

It's ready kenc...salty sweet, hot and spicey....smooth as silk going down.

You'll feel better in no time at all.

One way or another


Posted 9:21 pm, 12/02/2016

Keny, that green haze you see is your nasty armpits, get a bar of soap, gezzzz


Posted 9:14 pm, 12/02/2016

Can't wait ! Our magic balloons and other surprises, will take care of anything, plus floppy green smelly flies.

Get that cold remedy ready goddess.


Posted 9:09 pm, 12/02/2016

Now ValleyWalrus why would those gals want beat a cowpile like you and get their brooms nasty.


Posted 9:05 pm, 12/02/2016

On my way if you see a little- green- jealous- insect lurking on a cow pile , smack it down with your broom.


Posted 7:44 pm, 12/02/2016

Lets go Gals, times a wasting, Hope the Tater soup is up to Par tonight, and Horsehead, do try and keep up tonight.


Posted 7:21 pm, 12/02/2016

Ok, finished my pancakes...let's get this partay started...

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