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Posted 10:14 pm, 05/25/2016

I'll see what I can find out, that much wine shouldn't be hard to find.


Posted 10:00 pm, 05/25/2016

well, in that case I see I'm going to have to do some snooping around then....


Posted 9:29 pm, 05/25/2016

Don't worry , Bee and I have some of the best wine you've ever tasted, it's been in her basement getting aged just right. We stay out of it as much as we can. 5 big old jugs left, and Bee's probably got more hidden away for emergencies. I check it every day.


Posted 9:00 pm, 05/25/2016

Well. All the wine is gone. Bet we can replenish it by Friday. No worries Goddess. We know you work too hard and need something to sooth your stress.


Posted 8:16 pm, 05/25/2016

CitizenBee, I'm going to bed soon , been staying up too late .


Posted 7:45 pm, 05/25/2016

Glad it's national wine day kenc, that means I can have a little to help me sleep. Wish I had read your post earlier, I'd probably be asleep by now.


Posted 7:41 pm, 05/25/2016

Have a goodnight folks, I'm getting ready for bed. Gonna get extra sleep tonight and tomorrow night, for our weekend festivities.


Posted 12:47 pm, 05/25/2016

It's National Wine Day ! I know most of our brews will beat all those recommended as the best.


Posted 9:17 am, 05/25/2016

Sounds like a great plan ! Don't worry goddess we'll find the wine.


Posted 7:18 am, 05/25/2016

Well I jest perked up

oh wait, I drank all the wine...someone else gonna have to replenish the supply, sorry girls!


Posted 7:17 am, 05/25/2016

I know. We could grill out this weekend. We haven't done that. We can do it at my house. Relax around the pool. Drink a glass of wine or two or five. It could be fun. What say y'all?


Posted 11:00 pm, 05/24/2016

Guess we better wait til the week end , we want to be able to relax and not worry about work.


Posted 10:57 pm, 05/24/2016

I got the muskydine,

I bets be getting onto bed, I got's a work in the morning....I might be late


Posted 10:55 pm, 05/24/2016

We thought it was at your house Eee.


Posted 10:05 pm, 05/24/2016

Yea. Where's the wine tasting? Do they have muskidine (sp)wine? It has an interesting taste.


Posted 9:49 pm, 05/24/2016

Wine tasting ? Where ? Show me the way !


Posted 9:41 pm, 05/24/2016

That's great Bee, we knew it would.

Where is everybody tonight ? You all better not be having a wine tasting without me !


Posted 10:31 am, 05/24/2016

I'm fine , a little potion and attention works wonders thanks you all.


Posted 9:45 am, 05/24/2016

Bee's just wanting attention and magic potions , she'll be fine. I wouldn't mind a little of that potion to go in my coffee.


Posted 8:08 am, 05/24/2016

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