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Posted 9:39 am, 08/27/2014

Good Morning everybody, goddess you know we'll help any way we can ! Hope everything improves.


Posted 8:09 am, 08/27/2014

I'm calling fer you Beeches to have a come to geezus meeting...the last 12 hours have been a rough ride...and this morning ain't looking much better...

still, ya'll be good today.


Posted 7:33 am, 08/27/2014

Good morning to you Junebug and to all others. Have a safe and blessed day.


Posted 5:16 am, 08/27/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day


Posted 10:07 pm, 08/26/2014

You all go ahead and brag on your gravy, I can't help it if mines lumpy and too thick.


Posted 9:58 pm, 08/26/2014

whisk it baby..just whisk that gravy.


Posted 9:56 pm, 08/26/2014

She's going to bake a turkey for thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. She wants to learn how to make gravy without the lumps. That's easy. Mines never ever lumpy. The secret is just stir it continuously. Good every time.


Posted 9:52 pm, 08/26/2014

Sounds good Eee, Bee's a good young'un' , she takes teasing really well, and works hard.

Summer will be gone before we know it.


Posted 9:49 pm, 08/26/2014

We will take very good care of bee. After all she's one of the girls. We need to plan a cookout at whisper creek for her orientation into THE GIRLS. She sure earned it.


Posted 7:21 pm, 08/26/2014

Evening folks. Bee I'm such a hard worker they don't have to train me, I can see you vegetatin' on that mt top.


Posted 12:06 pm, 08/26/2014

Hello everybody, please you all, don't send me back to the coffee plantations ! i'm going to the mountains to rest and contemplate for a couple of days, I'll be ready for almost anything when I get back.

If you need somebody to go to the plantations send kenc, she don't do much of anything.


Posted 10:29 am, 08/26/2014

Morning Everybody, Thanks for all the candy bars, I'll trudge through another day.

Goddess you and Eee try to look after Bee today, untelling what she's planning.


Posted 9:28 am, 08/26/2014

Ifn I wasn't at the gas and match factory yes I would buy you a cup. So I guess I will just haft to sweep the floor here.


Posted 8:55 am, 08/26/2014

You buying theg?

Good morning. Have a safe and blessed day.


Posted 5:57 am, 08/26/2014

I hope I have a great day to. May yours receive good friends with a good cup of Coffey.


Posted 5:17 am, 08/26/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day


Posted 10:17 pm, 08/25/2014

if you insist kenc


Posted 10:10 pm, 08/25/2014

Good Night folks, I win , do I get a candy bar of my choice ?


Posted 9:27 am, 08/25/2014

Good Monday morning, going to try to get outside and forget what day it is. I think the world still turns.


Posted 7:21 am, 08/25/2014

Good morning! It's Monday...have a good one.

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