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Posted 1:48 pm, 11/22/2014

That's good Kat. See there. It's wasn't so bad. Something will come up and it's always better than we think. I try to see the good in anything or a person. Well I've met people that puts on a big act...I learned there's a few that I can't see any good at all. They live their life hurting people. Oh well. Kenc...bees coming to your house to help you get your house all clean for Thanksgiving. Have a safe and a good afternoon.


Posted 1:18 pm, 11/22/2014

Great Kat !


Posted 1:17 pm, 11/22/2014

Ok I managed to find some good used tires and still have money left. I feel better now


Posted 9:19 am, 11/22/2014

Good Morning everybody .. Kat we're all pulling for you, we know you work hard !!

I wondered why we didn't have to get a search party for Bee last night Eee, great idea .

You all have a good day !!


Posted 8:42 am, 11/22/2014

Good morning all. Kat...just think about it this way....what if you didn't have that little cushion? You would be in a mess then. You hang on Kat. There's better days ahead. You're a fighter that's for sure. Good luck in the future.
It was a great broom ride. Bee didn't go off by herself. I chained her to my broom. Hehe.


Posted 3:56 am, 11/22/2014

I know you would kenc. Just ignore me. I'm a little frustrated right now. Every time I start to get where I have a little cushion built up something happens to wipe it out. It's going to take what little I have put away for Christmas to get a used set of tires. Fortunately I've done got presents for the older 2 kids. I just have to budget for the little one.


Posted 9:40 pm, 11/21/2014

Good night Eee and everybody. And a great broom ride was had by all !! Gonna get a pocket full of moonbeams.


Posted 9:15 pm, 11/21/2014

It's a good night for a broom ride. Some people have Christmas lights up already. At least they're in the spirit. I'm not yet. But I'll get there. Talk to you all later..still ridding the sky's over Wilkes county. Ok. Goddess..where you at? I bet she ran with all the goodies. We'll get BEE to sniff her out. Bee can smell food for miles. You all have a good night.


Posted 8:26 pm, 11/21/2014

Sorry Kat, if we had all this money we're talking about we'd share. I hope you don't have to drive far to work.

Please be careful.


Posted 8:23 pm, 11/21/2014



Posted 7:44 pm, 11/21/2014

Share the wealth my friend. Looks like my poor car tires won't last until tax time. I'm riding around on wires. Oh well guess I'll have to dip into savings and it'll be that much longer before I can replace the whole thing


Posted 5:53 pm, 11/21/2014

I'm bringing fried chicken and biscuits. I been spending a lot of money this past year. My finances a looking pitiful. I've gonna ask for a magic lamp so I can conjure up some big dollars.


Posted 5:37 pm, 11/21/2014

hey you all you don't have to worry about money, I got my farm rent check and sold two horses and a pig .

It's broom night ! got the handbook on not running into things, and I'm bringing stufffed baked potatoes and mellow yellow punkin pie.


Posted 4:03 pm, 11/21/2014

Don't be poor mouthing me Eee, grab a little of that you've got stashed under the old oak tree.


Posted 3:55 pm, 11/21/2014

Well..guess I better save some money. Reckon you got enough to spot me a small loan and put it on my account?. Account cause I can't pay. Lol.


Posted 2:21 pm, 11/21/2014

Ha Eee , I just sleep through it .Don't be running around too much , save some money for our big shopping spree !


Posted 1:13 pm, 11/21/2014

Kenc...I bet you worry all the time a out our early rises. Got things to do and places to go. Have a Happy afternoon.


Posted 9:31 am, 11/21/2014

Good morning everybody. Can't wait for the samples Eee. Sorry you all have to get up so early !!


Posted 7:57 am, 11/21/2014

Good morning. I wanna go back to bed too Kat. But got things to do.
Kenc, drop by the house when you go to Belks. I 'll give you samples. They are practice for next week.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe.


Posted 6:23 am, 11/21/2014

I wanna go back to bed

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