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Posted 11:18 pm, 08/24/2016

I would like to go to the beach too.


Posted 10:21 pm, 08/24/2016

Thanks Bee I was hoping you'd say that.


Posted 10:07 pm, 08/24/2016

Me too ! Kenc sounds a little grouchy guess I 'd better make sure she get's breakfast and coffee in the morning. She probably missed lunch too.


Posted 10:01 pm, 08/24/2016

Oh yeah baby, a Beemer and the beach!!! girl I'm in


Posted 9:09 pm, 08/24/2016

The beach sounds ok, but I'm hungry. You all have a good night.


Posted 9:00 pm, 08/24/2016

Goddess you and Kenc should have swung by. I had plenty leftovers. They's gone now. My brothers next door polished them off. Why don't I put those thermo bowls Kenc and I got. I can fix the same and use those bowls to keep them warm for our next ride.
I still think we need to run to the beach during labor day. If. Goddess can get off work. I'll take my Beemer. Plenty of room


Posted 9:15 am, 08/24/2016

Right goddess, hope she's got a scrap or two left , and her coffee pot hasn't got cold.


Posted 8:24 am, 08/24/2016

Hey Eee...you got any cold breakfast leftovers....even cold it sure sounds delish!!!!


Posted 6:40 am, 08/24/2016

HEY!!! Get yourselves up and ready for breakfast. I got bacon eggs gravy and homemade biscuits. I'll even open a jar of homemade strawberry preserves.
Yum yum!


Posted 11:30 pm, 08/23/2016

Sorry for venting. I guess the sun wasn't shining on my sandbox today. Tomorrow will look better. I'm positive. 😀


Posted 10:35 pm, 08/23/2016

We'll help you attack that insurance co. and anyone else who bothers you Eee. Don't be sad.


Posted 9:34 pm, 08/23/2016

Hang in there Eee ! Sure hope tomorrow is much better.


Posted 9:17 pm, 08/23/2016

Good evening girls. Hope you had a great day. I spent most of my day on the freaking phone with my husband's insurance company. . I'm so thankful he won't have it affer the first if the year. I keep telling myself better days are ahead. WHERE ARE THEY.? I'm waiting.


Posted 9:14 am, 08/23/2016

I'm finally up, Bee brought me some good coffee thank goodness. one more cup please !


Posted 7:42 am, 08/23/2016

I'm up. It's the others that wanna sleep till 8. Lord. If I'm still in bed at 8 you can bet I'm sick. Lol. Gotta get up and hit the floor running.


Posted 7:17 am, 08/23/2016

Up up up.... ya'll get up!!!!


Posted 10:51 pm, 08/22/2016

Sounds veeeeery exciting !


Posted 10:20 pm, 08/22/2016

I've been very busy, Monday can bring on the blahs.

Guess we'll quit talking about flying monkeys and warlocks, and slip up on them Friday night. Bee and goddess have a great plan. ( or two )


Posted 8:58 pm, 08/22/2016

Y'all been quite all day. What's up? Surely you're not that busy. Well I was. Lol


Posted 9:18 am, 08/22/2016

I believe goddess has a plan that will work wonders , can't wait to set it in motion. Kindness doesn't work with mean warlocks.

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