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Posted 9:16 pm, 05/28/2015

EVENING, love our great Friday rides ! Since goddess has to work late, we'll pack extra for her.


Posted 8:27 pm, 05/28/2015

Thank you Jude for those kind words. It's always good to spend time with family. Puts a smile on my face.


Posted 1:07 pm, 05/28/2015

EEEWEE . ...They say s leep depravity plagues only the intellectual so that puts
us in good standing.😉
Dinner went well nice to have some time out with my daughter.
The day is beautiful as all of you ladies.....enjoy your day


Posted 12:57 pm, 05/28/2015

Don't work too hard Goddess. Where are we going tomorrow on the RIDE. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! 🎉🎊😀


Posted 8:52 am, 05/28/2015

Good morning, shucks goddess, seems like you can't escape . You all have a good day if you can.


Posted 7:24 am, 05/28/2015

I've not been to the swiimming hole....I've been tredding Mud Flat Hall for the last 12 and gotta do it again for the next 12...


Posted 6:57 am, 05/28/2015

Good morning. You all have a blessed day.


Posted 11:15 pm, 05/27/2015

Good night.


Posted 10:12 pm, 05/27/2015

Don't know Eee, where've you been ? The dry weather must be keeping people down by the old swimming hole.

Have a good night.


Posted 9:08 pm, 05/27/2015

Good evening. Where is everyone?


Posted 9:15 am, 05/27/2015

Good morning, wish I could send my sleepiness your way, bet if we had a contest to see who could sleep or stay awake the longest, I'd be wide awake and y'all would be snoring. Kidding of course.


Posted 6:05 am, 05/27/2015

Good morning. Happy Wednesday. Blessed with another day. Embrace it and make it count.
Good morning Junebug. Have a good ern. Jude I too don't sleep well. Never have. We could use the rain. It's starting to look like a desert here. We did get a shower last night but not enough. Have a good time with your dinner plans. And.....y'all have a blessed day.


Posted 5:48 am, 05/27/2015

Well that didn't go so well was hoping to sleep in on my day off
Ahhh. The life of a insomniac. You should get our rain I'm sending ours your way....I don't need it ruining my dinner plans for tonight. Have a great day everyone !!!!


Posted 5:39 am, 05/27/2015

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day and i hope we get some rain we sure need it


Posted 10:30 pm, 05/26/2015

Goodnight folks, make tomorrow count for something.


Posted 8:39 pm, 05/26/2015

Hope you had a good day Eee, where's my evening pm ?


Posted 8:33 pm, 05/26/2015

Good evening. Guess everyone is enjoying the outdoors. I cleaned the super dishes and getting ready to settle in and watch a movie.
Hope all has a good night. Over and OUT.


Posted 12:13 pm, 05/26/2015

Thank so much Larkin for the encouragement. I try to stand tough. Some would like to see .me fail. That just makes me try harder. I can't back down now! So all you haters....just have t o give it your best shot.
Y'all have a good afternoon. Be kind to yourselves and others. 😀


Posted 10:44 am, 05/26/2015

Good morning all ! Eee bless all your doctor's and the medical staff, but without your bravery and determination they could have done nothing, that same determination gets you through every day.


Posted 9:20 am, 05/26/2015

Good Morning everybody. I know what you're talking about Eee, a big milestone, and it's been a hard climb for you. We'll all celebrate !

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