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Posted 11:28 pm, 05/31/2016

I'm a telling ya...bee did a fine job...now kenc...lawd that girl ain't done a dang thang cept eat the ice cream...ate every dang bit of it!

I had to run to the quick stop to get more for that poor bee girl...I was devastated to have to leave bee...to get more ice cream, I ain't told kenc about the cakes she missed...


Posted 10:45 pm, 05/31/2016

I would have gone to Goddess's if I had known she had ice cream! What flavor was it? Did she have cake? I love cake. 🎂


Posted 9:21 pm, 05/31/2016

I helped Bee clean a little Eee, mostly I watched TV and ate goddesses ice ream.

Hope you all had a great day as well. Almost bed time, sleep tight.


Posted 9:02 pm, 05/31/2016

Well. I'm assuming bee made it to Goddess's. Bee does a fine job in anything she does. I bet Goddess is tickled pink. It's always fun to pack for a trip but not so fun unpacking it. Washing the clothes and putting everything back up. It's a pain!


Posted 9:35 am, 05/31/2016

No doubt we'll have goddess' house spic and span in no time. It's always clean, just a little cluttered after her big vacation. You all have a good day .


Posted 9:28 am, 05/31/2016

Goddess. I'll get Kenc to get Bee to run over to your place to help you. She's a good helper.


Posted 7:34 am, 05/31/2016

Could I get one of you girls to run over here and straighten this place up just a tad. I gots vacay clothes all over the place...I might need one of ya'll to do some laundry too

Ya'll have a good day!!!


Posted 7:33 am, 05/31/2016

Hello!! Getup out of that bed. Get your day started. I swear. Besides Goddess,causep she works, these girls will sleep until 8. Most of us are awake . Had breakfast and dressing to work around the house. Good grief!


Posted 10:17 pm, 05/30/2016

Nooooo. You get too many and there's always a troublemaker. Guess we'll stick with just us few. We've had other people but. They don't want to follow our rules of the broom.


Posted 9:45 pm, 05/30/2016

That was a party and picnic to remember. I think we had enough people, but if there are other people you want to invite Eee , that will be great.


Posted 9:23 pm, 05/30/2016

We're going to have to go fishing again. Catch us a bigger pile and invite a few close friends. Make the fish fry bigger and bigger. But. Not too big. Whisper Creek don't have as many bugs as the rivers do. A whole lot cooler too.


Posted 8:22 pm, 05/30/2016

Hope you get more time off soon goddess. The fish fry was great. Glad we had shelter for the big rain.


Posted 6:16 pm, 05/30/2016

My little mini vacay, is over...it was a good one for sure, can't wait for the next one.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

dueling banjos

Posted 5:01 pm, 05/30/2016

LMAO Good cover up there Larkin.

Just about burnt my you know what off today on the lake.



Posted 11:12 am, 05/30/2016

My broom and the internet made me do it. See you all later.


Posted 9:40 am, 05/30/2016

We're sorry, Larkin's broom was getting restless, we'll be good, see you at the picnic .


Posted 9:16 am, 05/30/2016

Good Morning, Yum strawberry shortcake , can't wait.

Don't know what got into Bee and Larken , they better be careful with their big adventures.


Posted 7:47 am, 05/30/2016

Good morning. The girls made it back. Goddess gave those girls a little pep talk. Bee and larkin knows the rules. Never fly without letting the others know even though she took bee with her it's too dangerous. You never know what you might run into. Birds bees and drones fly too. Storms. And never ride two on a broom.

Gotta run. Making strawberry shortcake for our fish fry on Whisper Creek. Bring your suntan lotion girls.👙


Posted 10:36 pm, 05/29/2016

You girls better get on back home, bet it was a lot nicer here today than it was way up there close to nowhere.


Posted 10:30 pm, 05/29/2016

I made Bee come with me , she sorta likes it up here , we'll be home soon.

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