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Posted 9:23 am, 06/30/2016

Good morning, thanks for the compliments on the rolls Eee, I'm having one with the coffee Bee brought me , said She had some for everybody. I was feeling real draggy before the coffee.

Believe them evil spirits are long gone, mention a godddess spell and we probably won't see them again.


Posted 7:22 am, 06/30/2016

With our determination and Goddess's talents we can do most things we want to do. We can chase evil spirits right back into to the holes they crawl out of. What y'all having for breakfast? I'm eating fresh cinnamon rolls Kenc whipped up last night. All I had to do was throw em in the oven. Smells mighty nice in my kitchen.


Posted 10:16 pm, 06/29/2016

Goddesses magic can accomplish a lot , we'll just have to see if that can be done..


Posted 9:29 pm, 06/29/2016

Yea. Bee can throw rocks and chase them snakes away. Goddess can cast a spell on them so they won't come near our place. I know...she can rub her crystal ball and turn them into handsome knights. Lol


Posted 9:19 pm, 06/29/2016

But we've got to save these special tadpoles for goddess to use in her special recipes and stuff . We won't make you look at them Eee., and don't worry about them snakes in the grass.


Posted 9:11 pm, 06/29/2016

I don't like tadpoles. and can't stand them slimy frogs. Ugh! They remind me of snakes in the grass. Theyz plenty of them running loose too. Ewwwww.


Posted 8:47 pm, 06/29/2016

They're safe down at that little branch below my house, and living very happily.


Posted 6:15 pm, 06/29/2016

Now wait a minute....them are special tadpoles...I use them in my special recipes and such....


Posted 5:20 pm, 06/29/2016

Aha ! We tried to tell you it was hainted, glad you got rid of them !


Posted 3:24 pm, 06/29/2016

Up date on my computer. I took it to a spiritual therapist and she performed an exorcism on it and sent all the bad waves and mean spirited hants from it. That was my computer problems.


Posted 8:56 am, 06/29/2016

Good morning, gonna be a fun day getting rid of varmints and tadpoles, with a little shopping later .

Bee brought me some great coffee this morning so I'm ready for most anything.


Posted 5:34 am, 06/29/2016

Well strange thing is I snuck up Goddess's for a dip in her pool..and what did I see floating on top? TADPOLES! that exterminator didn't treat the pool with enough defrogger and them frog eggs hatched out tadpoles. It's ok Goddess Kenc and I will drop by on our way to Belks and devarmit you're pool. Lol


Posted 10:17 pm, 06/28/2016

told you all I got rid of them frogs.


Posted 10:15 pm, 06/28/2016

That sounds reasonable goddess, Eee's having trouble with her computer, guess we're gonna have to ride over and fix it.


Posted 10:10 pm, 06/28/2016

as long as she keeps her dang frogs in her pool


Posted 9:36 pm, 06/28/2016

Evening everybody. Bee I'm still limping a little, maybe goddess will allow you back in her pool some day, if you promise to be good..


Posted 1:17 pm, 06/28/2016

As far as I know Eee they just jumped in, doubt if my little pool could handle a filter system. Guess I could put a screen on it at night, that would keep bugs out too.


Posted 12:51 pm, 06/28/2016

Bee's had frogs in her pool. How did you get frogs in your pool Bee?You need a filtering system to kept them varmints out.


Posted 9:47 am, 06/28/2016

Had to get frogs outta my little pool yesterday. I took them to the branch , cleaned my pool and added a lot of chlorine.


Posted 9:13 am, 06/28/2016

It's always good to hear from junebugg and everybody, good luck with the old grind.

looks like fog and mist out there, keep your rowboats and raincoats handy, might be a deluge coming down any minute.

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