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Posted 9:59 am, 04/23/2014

It's a good morning to cut grass.

Note to 63, guess you'll notice us driving through the park this morning, goat woman needs to chill for her own protection.


Posted 9:53 am, 04/23/2014

OK, sounds good... At least the grass is being cut now so by the time everyone gets here it wont cause such a problem.


Posted 9:33 am, 04/23/2014

Morning , I'll do hash browns and scrambled eggs confuzzled, Eee's bringing something sweet.

Kat we need more cop feeding stations, let's keep them all happy.


Posted 8:44 am, 04/23/2014


Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.. What's on the menu for grub since we have the coffee perking?


Posted 5:17 am, 04/23/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day


Posted 4:46 am, 04/23/2014

Good morning. Have a blessed day.


Posted 11:19 pm, 04/22/2014

Better believe it kenc. Happy well fed cops are real nice. Especially when their eats were free.

63 triumph

Posted 10:53 pm, 04/22/2014

Night. Go down 2nd street and she will not mess with you.


Posted 10:46 pm, 04/22/2014

Good night everybody, tell goat woman to leave us alone in the morning 63.


Posted 10:44 pm, 04/22/2014

Don't doubt it , that keeps them out of everybody's business. I guess a happy cop is a good cop.

63 triumph

Posted 10:41 pm, 04/22/2014

I give the cops free brownies. LOL


Posted 10:38 pm, 04/22/2014

When his weeds get ripe , cops better watch the brownies he sells at the cow sale. The 20 bucks each should be a big clue. But they might just think it's in line with 6 dollars for a dozen buzzard eggs.


Posted 10:33 pm, 04/22/2014

We know, that's what we told the cops, they just didn't believe us for some reason.


Posted 10:33 pm, 04/22/2014

Been pulling any weed I mean weeds lately? I'm sure they growing nicely near that creek bottom out of sight

63 triumph

Posted 10:25 pm, 04/22/2014

All I am doing is yard work and that is all that anyone needs to know.


Posted 10:20 pm, 04/22/2014

If he's been any where near goat woman he'll smell so bad I wouldn't want him back.

63 is trying to cover up a lot of things.


Posted 10:17 pm, 04/22/2014

Kenc I think his goat woman has your house boy. She can't afford her own with what buzzard butt pays her.

63 triumph

Posted 10:16 pm, 04/22/2014

he is in the creek in a sack with a big rock. I saw Eee threw him in there


Posted 10:14 pm, 04/22/2014

They're trying to help me find my houseboy and see if he's being held against his will among other things.


Posted 10:10 pm, 04/22/2014

Our people tells us all about your garden by the creek.

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