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Posted 5:42 am, 06/30/2015

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day


Posted 10:25 pm, 06/29/2015

Good night Eee , Arn and everybody . It has been a nice day, except the part where Bee let an old tractor tire get loose and roll down a big hill.

Oh well she makes life exciting sometimes.


Posted 9:41 pm, 06/29/2015

Good evening. Where is everyone? Must be on vacation. Oh well. Have a good one.


Posted 9:58 am, 06/29/2015

Good morning!


Posted 9:16 am, 06/29/2015

Good Morning ! The weekend sure flew by, have a good day if you can.


Posted 6:39 am, 06/29/2015

Happy Monday morning. Time to get up and get moving.


Posted 9:48 pm, 06/28/2015

Evening Folks, Eee you must have come in the back way and beat me over here.

Apple cake, yum , you 'uns got to quit talking about all these good desserts, now I've got to eat before I go to bed.

Have a good night.


Posted 9:02 pm, 06/28/2015

Good evening. Glad you came out of the closet biggun. Everyone needs fresh once in awhile.😛


Posted 4:49 pm, 06/28/2015

Can't wait for the apples to ripen. All this talk about cakes I got to thinking about Nana's fresh apple cake. I got the recipe still and my girl makes it almost as good as Nana did


Posted 3:34 pm, 06/28/2015

I don't think he/she meant to spill the beans....


Posted 3:24 pm, 06/28/2015

Very glad recent happenings have brought biggun out of the closet.


Posted 3:18 pm, 06/28/2015

You so funny


Posted 3:15 pm, 06/28/2015

I must have missed your coming out party biggun good for you!!!!!


Posted 3:12 pm, 06/28/2015

Back in the closet.


Posted 9:07 am, 06/28/2015

Morning everybody, I'm on my way . Keep everybody safe and happy Eee, shhhhhh about all those goodies, I might have to stay.


Posted 7:49 am, 06/28/2015

Kat...I can bake a mean German chocolate cake. I'll bake us one when it's my turn again to bake goodies. I got a surprise for breakfast in the morning. I'm taking Kenc's turn because she's going to her secret place today and won't get back until tomorrow. So I have to keep up with her side kick bee. She gets lost too easy.
Have a good one.


Posted 11:23 pm, 06/27/2015

I'm wanting a German chocolate cake.


Posted 11:07 pm, 06/27/2015

Strawberry short cake and cinnamon roles ? We must be dreaming.

to be or not to be

Posted 11:02 pm, 06/27/2015

Kat that is horrible that she did that.

You all as a church were doing a good thing and she just took advantage of your goodness.

I will pray for her


Posted 10:59 pm, 06/27/2015

I don't know what was going on with her. She was using a cane to get around and had on a crooked pair of glasses. I don't mind helping out with someone in real need but don't be claiming to need food if you going to trade it for cleaners. We have people in the church it's self that are in actual need.

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