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Posted 10:18 pm, 10/31/2014

Oh no Eee ! What are we going to do with that Bee !! We'll all be out to help in a minute or two !!!


Posted 10:04 pm, 10/31/2014

We l...the wind got under bee's big umbrella and it carried her toward Boone I'm looking for her now. I need Goddess to dust her crystal ball off and help Kenc Confuzzled and I find BEE. She's lost again!


Posted 8:09 pm, 10/31/2014

The kids are gonna go out no matter how bad the weather gets. I got my top up on my broom and the heater running. I'm not getting cold and wet. I can't be getting sick this close to thanksgiving and Christmas. I missed last year pretty much. Bee's got her biggest umbrella. No heat. She'll be whinning about now.


Posted 5:40 pm, 10/31/2014

Hi Eee, it ain't right , Bee can eat all the candy she want's to and never gain an ounce !

You all get your rain shields up on your brooms ! I really hate that it's such a bad night for the kids to be out.


Posted 3:49 pm, 10/31/2014

Kenc...I think bee almost bought Dollar General out. Two grocery bags full. She's a shoe in for a sugar coma if she eats all of that.


Posted 9:34 am, 10/31/2014

Morning Everybody, good to see you back junebugg. Don't let Bee eat all your Halloween candy Eee, !


Posted 6:04 am, 10/31/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine its FRIDAY woohoo got the weekend off everyone have a nice day and safe halloween night


Posted 3:12 am, 10/31/2014



Posted 10:13 pm, 10/30/2014

Night folks, don't want to be alone in here, so close to Halloween.


Posted 6:10 pm, 10/30/2014

Hi Elmira , we'll try to find you some .


Posted 6:07 pm, 10/30/2014

I want some popcorn. All this food talk. I had a white sweet potato for lunch and now I want popcorn.


Posted 6:04 pm, 10/30/2014

Evening Eee , Bee will eat you out of house and home if you'll let her. We're having a salad, and hopefully a steak that isn't too tough.


Posted 5:43 pm, 10/30/2014

What Ya having for supper? I ain't figured it out yet. Probably a bowl of taters. Bee done eat all the chicken salad. Darn it.


Posted 9:48 am, 10/30/2014

Good Morning, guess everybody's busy getting ready for Halloween . I don't even have a jack'o'lantern yet.

Have a good day.


Posted 7:52 am, 10/30/2014

Good morning. It's a little chilly this morning. Better grab a jacket. Have a blessed day.


Posted 9:11 pm, 10/29/2014

My hubby likes candy too, and we'll have our younguns and grand younguns , so it's not all for trick or treaters.
Tell Bee not too buy everything !!
Goodnight everybody.


Posted 9:00 pm, 10/29/2014

Kenc..I bought some Saturday. Hubby like candy. Grrrrrr. I may have to go buy some more in tomorrow. You peoples out there better run to Wal-Mart for Halloween candy. Bee is planing on buying a bunch for trunk or treet at Church Friday evening. Better run myself. Have a good night.


Posted 5:34 pm, 10/29/2014

Evening Kat, Eee and everybody, hope it's been a good day. I had to run out and buy Halloween candy before I forget.


Posted 5:30 pm, 10/29/2014

Kat...you are amazing. You work all the time. Still have a cheerful air about you. You enjoy your evening.

And good evening last to post.


Posted 4:12 pm, 10/29/2014

And another shift done. So glad its payday. Let's pay some bills

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