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Posted 11:08 am, 07/26/2014

Happy Saturday ! After the refreshing broom ride , I needed a little extra sleep.. The Tetons were so beautiful from high in the sky.


Posted 7:10 am, 07/26/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine i hope everyone has a great day


Posted 7:04 am, 07/26/2014

Good morning. GET UP!!!

Times a wasting!!!
IT's Saturday.


Posted 8:45 pm, 07/25/2014

Not what i want but kinda what i expected.


Posted 7:26 pm, 07/25/2014

1st card Queen of Pentacles. This queen does not follow her heart in all matters, be sensible and practical. Take care to control the affair.

2nd card The Heirophant. The advice here is to heed conventional wisdom and tradition.

3rd card 9 of Swords. You have great concerns over this relationship...it's worrisome.

4th card Knight of Swords. This is where the conflict begins, expect sudden changes he may eventually reveal some difficulty dealing with his emotions.

5th card Strength. Oh lightningkat, this is where you're going to have to dig deep within yourself. Even though you've done so here lately, you might just have to dig a little deeper with this one.

Oh kat, I'm sorry these cards may not be telling you what you may have hoped to hear.

Your signs are compeletly opposite of each other...you are earth, he is water...his tarot card for his sign is that of the Moon, and it is a card of secrets and deceptions. Literally meaning that not all is as it seems. Your tarot card for your sign is that of the Devil, you said in your post that "I'm falling"....you may want to rethink that...don't fall prey to that which hasn't revealed itself completely to you. Most of all, make sure that you're not leaning toward a relationship that was and could potentially be that from which you came.


Posted 4:26 pm, 07/25/2014

Hi ya Godess. Would you do that reading for me please? Man is being too sweet and i'm falling. Pisces and Capricorn. Dang i'm screwed.


Posted 3:34 pm, 07/25/2014

This is sounding better and better. Got Bee's recipe for yeast rolls , they'll be ready for the oven soon.


Posted 2:00 pm, 07/25/2014

Bring them all Goddess!!! love those sprinkles!


Posted 1:55 pm, 07/25/2014

mmmmm....yeast rolls and honey butter....I thinks me gots some special sprinkles for that too


Posted 1:44 pm, 07/25/2014

Yes Goddess is the best...

Ken, Did you bake some of those yummy yeast rolls for us? I think Bee was making some yummy honey butter to go with them


Posted 12:24 pm, 07/25/2014

goddess .

Thanks to goddesses special formula wax, and other potions , we don't have to worry about rain.


Posted 10:49 am, 07/25/2014

good morning yall! i think i will head out and ride my harley some! pretty day right now. no rain in sight!


Posted 10:46 am, 07/25/2014

Hot dam!! ole kenc on a roll!!!!! or should I say broom


Posted 10:10 am, 07/25/2014

Morning, a three day weekend for goddess means a hullava good broom ride with potions and great food supplied by Eee , Bee and Confuzzled. I'm bringing the special broom wax made from goddesses special recipe. I made a gallon.


Posted 9:55 am, 07/25/2014

1goddess (view profile)

Posted 8:39 am, 07/25/2014

Hoooooowdy!!! 3 days to wreak havoc....let's get this broom ride started girls!!!!!

I figured you was still locked up.


Posted 9:38 am, 07/25/2014

Whoo hooo time for a wickedly good time!!!


Posted 8:39 am, 07/25/2014

Hoooooowdy!!! 3 days to wreak havoc....let's get this broom ride started girls!!!!!


Posted 7:12 am, 07/25/2014

Morning!! Back to work I go. Think a road trip is in order girls!! So I'm filling up the coffee thermos' and packing a a couple of baskets.. Now where shall we all go this time...?


Posted 6:48 am, 07/25/2014

Good day to you. Happy Friday.

Get ready for a fun broom ride girls. Bee cooked us some awesome goodies to take along. She's doing good. No boozing.


Posted 5:37 am, 07/25/2014

good morning everyone rise and shine it is friday i hope everyone has a great day

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