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I got a speeding ticket....


Posted 12:13 pm, 08/05/2012

Joseph T.

Posted 11:17 am, 08/05/2012

Shea (view profile)Posted 2:28 pm, 08/04/2012
I already told him that he will be hearing "Mr. Untouchable" for a long time!!!
I wonder what that makes me since I got a warning ticket for 90 in a 55 on 421 just passed the logger supply


Posted 11:58 pm, 08/04/2012

If you speed on 421 from browns ford to Lewis fork baptist, you are an idiot.


Posted 11:52 pm, 08/04/2012

Zoms, I can take care of that ticket for ya. Wanna take it out in trade?


Posted 11:51 pm, 08/04/2012

More than likely the DA is going to suggest it be dropped down to improper equipment and then he will want you to go to driving school. You can avoid driving school by getting an attorney. Then if something were to happen in the future you would still have the option to go to driving school.


Posted 10:22 pm, 08/04/2012

Referencing the thread

Simple rules of the road Wilkes people don't understand

If you were in the hammer lane you should have told the trooper that all is good.


Posted 10:20 pm, 08/04/2012


Posted 10:19 pm, 08/04/2012



Posted 10:16 pm, 08/04/2012

greg luck


Posted 10:15 pm, 08/04/2012

Crypt (view profile)Posted 3:53 pm, 08/04/2012
Gear it down next time.. and don't show up in court with any facial jewelry.. do you know how to drive a moped?

Go crawl in a carton of beer lol


Posted 10:00 pm, 08/04/2012

Zombie,just go to the DAs office and ask for a reduction,if they give you one it will not go against your insurance but you will still pay the fine.


Posted 9:37 pm, 08/04/2012

I am extra careful up that way. There always seems to be troopers in the median


Posted 9:35 pm, 08/04/2012



Posted 9:31 pm, 08/04/2012

I got 55 in 35 in front of cattle sale last year. cost me about 400 for greg luck and the court cost but he got it reduced down to improper equipment and insurance didnt go up any and I didnt have to go to court.


Posted 3:53 pm, 08/04/2012

Gear it down next time.. and don't show up in court with any facial jewelry.. do you know how to drive a moped?


Posted 2:58 pm, 08/04/2012

I should clarify here, I was going 74 but the trooper said he wrote 70.

details. details.


Posted 2:57 pm, 08/04/2012


Posted 2:53 pm, 08/04/2012


Posted 2:51 pm, 08/04/2012

I live just off of 421 North near Mt Pleasant. They watch this road hot & heavy all time. You would think that a nice wide 4 lane road would have speeds higher than 55 but the dodo birds who planned it decided that we didn't need limited access with entrance & exit ramps. So now we have private drives turning directly off the road with no turn lanes in most places. Real smart thinking, wasn't it??

As for your problem, Zombie...My oldest son got a speeding ticket years ago & he went to court & pleaded prayer for judgement & paid the fine & they let it go at that. He did have to sit ALL day in court & judges are pretty strict. No shirt tails out or holey jeans. No caps or hats on in court & no gum allowed. And when you speak it had better be yes sir & no sir!!


Posted 2:50 pm, 08/04/2012

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