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Gas price gives up half a cent over past week. All hail King Barry!


Posted 8:54 am, 09/10/2012

so where was the out rage about bush leaving office with fuel prices 400% higher? the president has little to no control over fuel prices the best he can do is open up the SOR but that wont drop prices by much(less than 25 cents)


Posted 8:43 am, 09/10/2012



Posted 8:37 am, 09/10/2012

Today national average gas price is $3.828.

Barry's Wall Street pals just won't let go of your wallets!

Prank Call Of Cthulhu

Posted 3:58 pm, 09/09/2012

Dabbob, for once in your life, if you actually assigned blame to the correct people, I'd probably have to stay off of this site for a week.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 3:20 pm, 09/09/2012

it would appear that a change in the White House will not change anything regarding petroleum prices. i suppose that could change with an etch a sketch moment though.


But in 2006, Romney seemed to accept rising gas prices and opposed other Massachusetts Republicans who were then calling for a suspension in the state's gas tax. At the time, he argued that suspending it would only further drive up gasoline consumption in the long run.

"I don't think that now is the time, and I'm not sure there will be the right time, for us to encourage the use of more gasoline, Romney said, according to the Quincy Patriot Ledger. "I'm very much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay."

Wrestling Grandpa

Posted 10:53 pm, 09/08/2012

Awe yes still conversing with oneself...Dabbob you do it so well we love it.....thanks for the entertainment.....

Alice BB Brox

Posted 4:56 pm, 09/08/2012

Not high enough yet for Obama.

Obama says : " Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket. "


Posted 4:50 pm, 09/08/2012

There is no silver bullet for gas prices.-- Barry Obama

No Barry, not on your watch anyway....


Posted 4:06 pm, 09/08/2012

The national average price of unleaded gasoline begrudgingly fell 1/2 cent over the past week to $3.822. Worse still, diesel is up nearly two cents at $4.113.

All hail gas price king Barry Obama!


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