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If I have around 2,000 files in a single folder and I want to put each of those files in individual folders without having to manually cr...

icloud on a ipad
my daughter forgotten the her password on my ipad to get in to the icloud. We don't use the icloud at all. But it keep asking for it. How...

Wilkes or Elkin computer repair
I just want to turn it on, and be able to use it--lol. My laptop will not come on. I am old school- no smart phone here. I have an HP, an...

Microsoft will offer free upgrade. Applies to Windows 7 and 8. I have checked out the tech preview and it is much better then 8 or 8.1.

I have a Dell desktop....running Windows XP. If I go to my pictures....I can see them fine. But when I attempt to attach a picture to a f...

Amazon cloud help please
I need an easy way to get my pictures from the Amazon cloud to a new iPad.

League of Legends Tournament
Would anyone be interested in a League of Legends Tournament? We are thinking about hosting one weekly. Please comment or pm me if you wo...

Wasp time clocks
Anyone ever installed these or familiar with the set up? Thanks!!!

Remote Computer repair
I would like to hear what everyone thinks but I had GW's Jason in mind when I thought about this. Has anyone thought about or knows someo...

hyper v or virtualbox?
Anyone use both? Any preference?

Free Cell game frozen
I was playing free cell game and one column of the cards froze and will not move. I have tried everything I know to do without success. I...

Anyone Looking for Computer Service:
I am a more than competent PC technician specializing in Custom Computer Builds, Software and Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair and Hom...

Problem Downloading from Microsoft.com
I recently purchased a Zune 120gb and to my surprise.. I wasn't able to download the Zune softwar...

LG G Pad 10.1 LTE
I cannot watch some videos on Facebook with my tablet. Is there a app that I need to download to watch them.

Computer won't start up
I have a Dell Latitude 820 that won't start up. Was working fine....I shut it off one afternoon and the next after noon....nothing. No so...

1Phone 5c
Can music that l have stored on my computer be transferred to my iPhone5c? The format is Mp3.

surround sound
I went away and came back and my surrond sound wont come back on. The light on the side is on and you hit the power button and the light ...

How do I enlarge the print to size 14pt? When I click on the size it does not work.

Scroll bar does not work or Facebook or Huffington Post but all other sites no problem.
It locks up have way down the scroll bar. Anyone know the problem?

technology help
I'm trying to hook my puter to my HDTV, but lack the knowledge to do so. So far it looks like having a cord with 2 HDMI ends would be my ...


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