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Charter Internet 60mbs
Got 60mb service last week. Big joke. On 30mb service my average download speed, over several weeks, was 19.8 and upload 3.3 With 60mb av...

Facebook or Youtube Marketing
Any place out there to learn this like continuing education or senior center?

Sound card
Is there a way to identify whether a sound card is working? How can one tell if it is the sound card and/or the computer speakers that ar...

Anybody make house calls?
Hey guys- I will be the first to admit, I know nothing about technology. I know how to turn my puter on, do what I need to do, and from t...

Can you buy a tablet and have internet service on it just like you do on your cell phone. I know you can hook to the internet thru wireless.

Tablet repair
Anyone know of somewhere that can fix the charger hookup

Trouble playing online videos
Anyone else having this issue. Seems like youtube is the worse. Keep getting an error message to try later.

Problem Downloading from Microsoft.com
I recently purchased a Zune 120gb and to my surprise.. I wasn't able to download the Zune softwar...

Boot Manager
Has anyone used OSL2000 Boot Manager? I have two computers and both have win xp. Can I put the hard drive into the newer one and use both...

Anyone local replace Ipod 4 screens
I have an Ipod 4 with a cracked screen. I need someone experienced to do the labor of replacing it. I can get a replacement screen at a r...

Computer Problem
Help....My computer is old, about 12 years old. And Windows XP has stopped updating. Now I have another problem. It's making a clicking s...

cell phone repair
Is there a business close by that can repair a broken screen LG-LS970? Thanks.

Does anyone know how to fix a desktop
Okay My Desk top will cut on but the Screen is Pure black And You Cant do Anything at all and when u push a key on the keyboard it beeps ...

Need a WIFI Booster for Office
I have internet connection and router in my home. I often do work on my laptop in my office building on the same property using my WIFI. ...

want to buy a Motorola RAZR Maxx
I am looking for a Motorola RAZR Maxx. If anyone has one they want to sell, please let me know.

Solid State Drives
I've researched until my eyes are bleeding and my brain is mush. It's now time to hear what others have to say. Enlighten me.

I got a ?
Okay.to begin with ..I dropped my old smart phone in the commode..I got a new one.so how do I (BECAUSE I DONT REMEMBER) get my facebook c...

U.S. Cellular has a free device workshop for residents
Just wanted to let users of the forum know that U.S. Cellular in Wilkesboro has monthly device workshops for smartphones, tablets, etc. t...

Movie app
I have a ipad I was wondering if there an app you can download movie to watch without the internet being on. I know you have to be on the...

copying text messages from phone
I got a new cell phone and would like to save a few text messages from my old phone to my computer. I copied my old pics from the phone t...


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