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Upside down pics
How do I get my photos to be upright when posting a classified ad. Thanking anyone in advance for your help.

Net Neutrality
What are your thoughts? Tomorrow is the last day to make your views heard to the FCC. Don't think they will listen though. I think we sho...

transfer info from one cell to another
I have a Verizon phone with a contract, just got a new straight talk prepaid. Is there a way I can move my voice messages from the old ph...

Faster DNS Server (free)
I think it's wise for anyone to check their DNS settings, to find which DNS option is fastest for them. The one from your internet provid...

Annother Windows 8 update
http://reviews.cnet.com/830...-hardware/ I still think windows 8 should have been just for mobile devices and touch screens. Also, I am n...

Windows 7
Where can I get a copy of windows 7? I can not afford to pay for one so, I was hoping someone could let me boorow a copy.

Memory Card
Hi Guys. The past few times I have taken pictures, I cannot get the memory card to load the pictures to my computer. It is not a defectiv...

community voice
Hey, anyone else having problems getting onto the CV, there's a few of us that the "page will not load".... Already contacted J...

Blue Screen on boot up fix after bad microsoft update.
Microsoft release a bad update. ( http://answers.microsoft.co...AllReplies FIX: Simply boot up and tap the F8 and on the startup screen, ...

Ethernet Cable
Need someone that can test an ethernet cable. I got a lightning hit yesterday and have lost internet at my office. Pretty sure the cable ...

Digital Pictures - Question...
I have been transferring some of the pictures I have from the camera memory cards to my laptop (Windows Photo Gallery), doing some editin...

Is anyone else having a problem with the last Firefox update? I'm constantly having to click on things two or three times, and sometimes ...

computer question
My computer has started messing up again. when a video or commercial comes on whether I am on a site or not. the screen goes green but th...

Does anyone use putlocker ?
We were watching a DVR movie last night when 3/4 of the way through, it was unveiwable because of bad weather during recording. When sear...

Rabbit TV
Has anyone used this to see free channels/movies? Does it work good? Also, it says to hook to any computer but could you hook it up to a ...

iPhone 4s messed up help!?!
My iPhone 4s screen busted where you can't see anything picture or a light. But it makes the charging noise over and over again what else...

Bypass safety switch lawn mower
Does anyone know how to bypass the seat safety switch on a new Husqvarna yth22V46 riding mower. It has the switch inside the seat. There ...

Does anyone know how to fix a desktop
Okay My Desk top will cut on but the Screen is Pure black And You Cant do Anything at all and when u push a key on the keyboard it beeps ...

Boot Manager
Has anyone used OSL2000 Boot Manager? I have two computers and both have win xp. Can I put the hard drive into the newer one and use both...

Dish Network
Can you watch it on your computer or ipad. I know you can with direct TV.


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