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Transferring to a new computer
A question for any computer geek out there. I bought a new computer since mine is running Windows XP and is getting old anyway. On the Wi...

Compaq Presario boot-up problem
I'm working with an older laptop; a Compaq Presario V5101US. I've had it sitting around for awhile, plugged up but unused; I actually had...

Linux OSs
I am moving to Linux. Thinking of trying out Puppy first. Is anyone using it? If so what are the pros & cons? I though I would start ...

Directv Remote!!
Does anybody know how program the remote with TV here? The instructions that tells how to program doesn't work, I know how to find code. ...

Is anyone have problems with hotmail? It tells me I'm putting in a wrong password and this is a bunch of BS. I have heard that MS is doin...

Just Making Parents Aware of This....
If your kid (teenagers more specifically) has an iPhone, you can track where those suckers are at any given time. They must have iCloud e...

Is the new 8.0 easy to use? I am thinking of a lap top computer. Right now I am using an out dated 6.0. No wonder I can't do a lot with t...

GoWIlkes account name removal
How do you clear the old name from your computer if you change screen names. It keeps popping up and I want it removed from the computer

Problem Downloading from Microsoft.com
I recently purchased a Zune 120gb and to my surprise.. I wasn't able to download the Zune softwar...

Are there any free websites to watch newer movies?

thread faces
what do I need to do on my computer to get the faces to work?

My computer
Wow, all week my computer is on again, off again, freezing up after only 5 or 6 minutes, sometimes less, etc. Today, Sunday morning, no p...

Does anyone local flash iphones?
I need a Verizon Iphone 4 flashed. Does anyone here know how?

NTLDR is missing and ctrl, alt, delete will not restart it. Help is needed. Thank you

now when I hook up the hdmi cable my tv says no signal...this is a new cable only used once or twice but now I can't get anything...can s...

Annother Windows 8 update
http://reviews.cnet.com/830...-hardware/ I still think windows 8 should have been just for mobile devices and touch screens. Also, I am n...

Panicware POP-UP Stopper
Need suggestion for removing PanicWare Pop-Up Stopper from Windows 7 Home Edition. Thanks

sending pictures
How do I send a picture from picture gallery to private message

Know anything about iPods?
My iPod 4th generation has been running really slow lately and idk what it is. I close out all my apps and its still slow. Can anybody he...

Anyone purchased a 4K TV yet. (4 times the resolution 1080p)? I will probably wait a few years when the price comes down and more viewing...


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