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microsoft office
where could I get a free copy of Microsoft office to download on my lap top

Windows 10
I "upgraded" from 8 to Windows 10 and hate it. I did it last night because I was tired of closing the blue boxes that popped up...

iPad crashing
I have tried investigating a chronic problem. Since I updated my operating system recently, my iPad crashes often. Sometimes it disconnec...

ios 9
Has anyone download this on there ipad yet. If so how is it.

Undoing changes
When I turned on my laptop it has a message that says "We couldn't complete the update Undoing changes Don't turn off your computer ...

Laptop Problem Driving Me Crazy!
Just typing this carefully and slowly on my Windows 7 ASUS laptop was a headache! I have to wait to type whole words because it is sooo s...

Taking photo when starting a for sale post
My iPad will not take a photo when I am posting a for sale add. How is this fixed?

Charter Spectrum with Chromecast
Anyone have both of these and work them in conjunction with each other. Can you mirror Spectrum content from a tablet or smartphone to yo...

Personal Ads
Why can't personal ads be deleted??

My Ipad will not cut on. The battery is not dead. I plug it up around 5 and nothing is happening to it. It was working earlier with no pr...

CD to iphone
Can I or can someone help me transfer music from a cd to my iPhone? Thanks!!!

Best Internet Provider in Wilkesboro
I've been with Charter for several years, but they keep raising their prices so I'm wondering what other options are worth checking into....

Tv Repair
Does anyone in Wilkes do in home tv repair?

Windows pop-up box
Why does the following pop-up box come up on this site.... 'ONLY SECURE CONTENT IS DISPLAYED'

Getting Rid of ads
If this is already on this site, I apologize. I bought a new laptop a couple of months ago. The ads that pop up are so annoying and it se...

Android 5.0 Lollipop
Have anyone download this on their galaxy note 4

My granddaughter was playing on my computer and now when my computer goes to sleep and I click on my mouse the computer monitor goes to s...

Problem Downloading from Microsoft.com
I recently purchased a Zune 120gb and to my surprise.. I wasn't able to download the Zune softwar...

League of Legends Tournament
Would anyone be interested in a League of Legends Tournament? We are thinking about hosting one weekly. Please comment or pm me if you wo...

Videos Games on PC
Anyone have any good recomendations for online computer games? Right now, myself and a few friends play League of Legends, and we are lov...


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