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Don's Char Grill
(15 reviews)

Specialty: Breakfast & Brunch

1501 West D street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659


Menu Online: No
Kids Menu Available: Yes

Monday Thru Friday 6am to 3pm
Saturday 6am to 11am
Saturday Breakfast only
Sunday Closed
Price Range:
Not Entered

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Locally owned and Operated

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I love to eat at Don's. Where else can you get a combo meal as good as there's for 5.00 ?

3 visits service was fast,price wasn't bad,food pretty much sucked all three visits. i seriously doubt i will ever be back.

great folks, great food, great service, great prices; you can't ask for more, right?

I love the gravy biscuits and they have good food and really affordable prices!! Their sweet tea is the bomb!

i also give it a thumbs up it is still a wonderful place to eat

the gravey taste like box gravey and the eggs are liquid eggs i was hoping for better but the service is the best and they are the nicest so over all its a good place and also they dont have ice water

Totally recommend!

Dons has the best burgers in wilkes county. me and my family have been eating their for a few years and the service is great and the employees are the nicest people that I have ever met . I have eaten in fast food resturaunts accross the U.S and Dons is the best I have found . the only complaint I have is that they dont stay open late enough but thats the only complaint I have about Dons chargrill . I am glad we have Dons chargrill in wilkes .

We were a little nervous when we saw the sign on the door that said, "We serve Old Folks Ground Beef." That should have been a clue. We had hamburgers and hotdogs here. The food was absolutely tasteless.

I think Don's is the best breakfast in town. They have wonderful food !!

We have went to Don's Char_ Grill to eat for several years. The food is good and the people that work there are nice. Been to other fast food places always go back to Don's its the best.

I think Don's is the best place to eat in town. They have good food, reasonable prices, and most importantly a CLEAN facility. They always have grades in the upper 90's if not perfect grades overall. I also like to eat here because it is a local homegrown business and I like to support the community. As far as the original poster you obviously don't pay much attention to the sign because that was referring to the Old Folk's sausage which they no longer use.

the fact that they no longer have old folks sausge is the reason i no longer go there,thats the best sausge there is,its good.

Don's is the best place to eat! I love the hot dogs they have there! All the food is great! I suggest this to anyone! If you looking for breakfast or lunch thats the place to go! The management is great all the people there are so nice! :)

They have got the best food in town

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